A distraction from infertility – the summer vavavoom list!

Since the infertility issue hit home, it’s been a long period of pain and confusion. I’ve got on with daily responsibilities and made sure I never lost track at work. However, I have lost myself and forgotten the importance of fun. As a struggle with health, I’m constantly tired and don’t quite have that vavavoom.

My singleton friend feels the same, that life has become stagnant for her while as she recovers from the loss of a seven year relationship.

Getting that vavavoom backElephant dressed as tiger with vavavoom

We decided we can’t sit in this misery and that this is not what life is about. So, as we sat on a train we wrote out our Summer Lists- 10 things we have to do before August 31st 2012. They can be things that make life easier, that we enjoy or that we’ve put off.

Then I made another friend do it and we giggled over how different we are to ten years ago. Suddenly we’re discussing house plans instead of nightclubs and bars. It’s been a fun little thing to do with friends and so I’m sharing.

My summer list

I’ll cross each one off and leave notes with each one I complete.

1. Get one of those handheld vacuum things – simple domestic pleasures.
2. Get healthy for fertility – exercise 30mins 3 times a week and increase size/ frequency of meals. (Might use the Race for life training plan to get started on this)
3. Join Race for life – 5km run.. to support a friend as it’s in memory of her loved one
4. Birthday celebrations for once!
5. Buy fabulous sunglasses and get out in the sun more
6. Read 5 books and write out plot
7. Try out new recipes – related to point 2
8. Bake a cake – never done that before .. red velvet and banana cake recipes are soooo welcome!
9. Visit a farm for fruit – maybe strawberry picking
10. Art – photography/painting at least one piece

Why not join in and share yours too?

I opened Pandora's box and infertility entered my life.

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4 comments on “A distraction from infertility – the summer vavavoom list!
  1. Doing this! Will share in a post soon! 🙂
    Cake baking tip: I baked my first one this year. You may already know this, but just incase…After you bake it, put it in the fridge (or freezer for much shorter time) before you ice it. Otherwise little cake bits will break off and get all up in your icing! I did chocolate cake with white icing, so this was a problem. (People at my party laughed at my not knowing this, but hey – if you’ve never done it before, why would you?)

    • I have no idea how to bake and I’ve said to my beloved ‘I cannot promise it’ll be edible!’ Hehe. But thanks for the tips because they’re seriously needed. Recipes also welcome! And hurrah to you doing the summer list too. 🙂

  2. Mrs. Wuestewald says:

    I really like your summer list, it will feel great to check them off with a blog and feel as since of accomplishment about each of them. Lord knows a feeling of accomplishment could feel great right about now. I think i may make a list too.

    • You’ll have to share yours with me too! A couple of things on this list may have to be amended. For example, I’ve been advised not to run and so it looks like I’ll be walking 5k instead. :-/

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