Don’t ignore infertility: pregnancy support vs infertility support

Posters in UK Doctors Surgery

Posters for pregnancy in the Drs waiting room but where's the poster to say: Worried you're suffering from infertility?

This morning I had to visit the doctor’s (again). As I waited in the small silent room, I glanced around and found that I was bombarded with pregnancy posters. I sat there with Carrie Bradshaw’s voice in my head asking ‘I couldn’t help but wonder where the posters were for all us women who are being poked and prodded for over nine months because we’re struggling tobring life into the world? Do we not matter? Do we only matter when life is there?’

For all the women in my area, I vow to investigate what support groups are available and get a couple of posters put up to raise awareness of infertility. So, you know you’re not alone. That’s my action for National Infertility Awareness Week (even as a UK woman).

        I suppose it’s time I join Infertility Network UK.


I opened Pandora's box and infertility entered my life.

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6 comments on “Don’t ignore infertility: pregnancy support vs infertility support
  1. ootastic says:

    IN UK are a great organisation – I’ve been a member ever since we realised TTC wouldn’t be as easy as we’d hoped. Though you’ve reminded me to actually take those leaflets I’ve got lying around into my GP surgery.

    • I’ll sign up and browse the forums tonight. It’s not the first time seeing the posters has affected me and if it wasn’t for the Internet I’m pretty sure I’d be feeling lonely and lost on this journey.

      P.s I keep looking for new cartoons from you!

  2. marwil says:

    Oh I didn’t realize they have posters to put up, I’m in. I guess an email and getting them sent by post is the way to go. The support group in my area (Berkshire) is unfortunately on hold at the moment.

    Hey, where do you live? if you don’t want to reveal it here send me an email (only if you are comfortable with that of course).

    • I’m in London. 🙂 I know there’s a workshop soon but I can’t justify spending £200 on that. If it was a £50 meetup with herbal teas and treats, I’d be in! I know they’ll do visualisations and therapy but it still seems expensive.

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