PCOS: Metformin vs Traditional Chinese Medicine

I could do with the advice of anyone who has combined western medicine with traditional chinese medicine. It’s 10:53pm. I’d rather be sleeping than blogging but I am so confused right now. I’m ovulating, Vitamin D levels are normal and my hormone levels seem to be sane again (great news hurrah!) BUT the doctor still gave me Metformin to help with conception. I need to try three months of this before they’ll refer me onto a fertility specialist (banging head on laptop).

The acupuncturists weren’t so happy about that. They’ve spent the last couple of months helping me combat recurring bouts of cystitis and weaning me off the antibiotics that the doctors had prescribed. Along with my lifestyle, the antibiotics wore me out. On a positive note, the acupuncture and herbal tea have worked miracles for cystitis. Sex is no longer associated to pain. I only wish I’d seen them sooner. I’d definitely recommend acupuncture for cystitis now.


My Pinlady doing moxibustion on my feet - warming the kidneys

Back to the Metformin dilemma.. the acupuncturists don’t think my body is at a point where it should be pushed by the drug. They want me to give acupuncture another three months. My reluctance to open the paper bag that the pharmacy gave me suggests that I’m thinking the same.

I trust my doctor .. and I trust my acupuncturist.

I’m googling like crazy to find some answers on whether the two could work together.

Not only do I need to decide this but I need to make a decision about work. One minute I’m ready to walk away, the next I feel like I should be fighting more to find a balance. Decisions need to be made. :-/ where is that gut feeling when you need it?


I opened Pandora's box and infertility entered my life.

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4 comments on “PCOS: Metformin vs Traditional Chinese Medicine
  1. I feel your pain. I am certainly no doctor. And I don’t have the same issues that you have, but if you have the patience and the time, why don’t you try it without for a bit? I am facing this same dilemma now — I’m posting this entry tonight — where I’m being encouraged to use Metformin to prevent miscarriage. I am literally sitting and looking at the bottle that my endocrinologist gave me right now. I want to throw it in the trash one moment, and take the pills the next. My acupuncturist said that she can offset the side effects of Metformin if I wanted to go that route, but that using drugs prevents your body from fixing itself.

    But I pondered long and hard about it. I am going the no medicine route and am going to trust my body and my acupuncturist, whatever the outcome may be. I’d rather know that I did everything in my power to give my body a chance first. Hard decision, hun, but I feel you….

    • Didn’t you conceive without the metformin? I was thinking of you as I wrote my post, even looked over your history. While I was googling like crazy I read quite a few posts from women on metformin who fell pregnant and then slowly gave it up. Big discussions on whether to continue it or not. I didn’t realise they’d put you on it if you conceived without it.

      It’s great your pinlady is supportive. Mine were pleading with me not to take the drug for now. I think I will try the natural route for 3 months as they suggested and then try Metformin. I’m really glad you blogged about your journey because its made me sit down and look back on how acupuncture has helped me.

      I think your decision is tougher than mine but you’ve come so far without the drugs. You know your body best. Sending you lots of luck and keeping my fingers crossed that your baby just grows stronger.. and your body too.


  2. marwil says:

    I hope you can follow your gut feeling regarding the medication, I have no real advice to give other than I believe in acupuncture.

    • I think I’m going to make my body stronger and give the acupuncture a few more months. I feel like I still have so much more to do naturally before it’s metformin time.

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