My sex is on fire. Literally.

Don’t get too excited… it’s not what you think.


I get it when I’ve eaten spicy food, when I’m stressed, when my body’s tired.. after sex.. when dehydrated.. when stuck out in the heat too long. My sister (the sex therapist) says I have too much fire in me and that I need to go punch something real hard. I think my immune system hates me. Cystitis has been one of the main barriers in fertility for me. Sex became associated to pain and not in a good way! How are we supposed to be at it like bunnies when I’m busy weeping and want to punch my beloved if he even thinks about touching me when my veejayjay is hotter than the sun? To add to that taking an antibiotic a hour before sex is hardly an aphrodisiac. Not to mention whatever those tablets were doing to my insides in the process.

It took me almost ten years before I tried acupuncture. Now it’s slowly working a treat and I am getting better. Today I managed it with just water. That’s a miracle!

For those who might be suffering from it as much as I do, here are some tips that have worked for me.

Everyday management

1. Keep hydrated.

2. Give up tea & coffee (this is if you suffer from it regularly) and fizzy drinks.

3. Wash yourself with warm water (down there) after sex but avoid showering straight away.

4. Pee before and after sex. I know we want to lay/sit in the best positions for sperm to move around but I find it’s best not to leave the whole peeing after sex thing for more than a hour after doing the delicious deed. Plus, wear a nighty or a t-shirt (instead of bottoms) after (assuming you don’t sleep naked).

5. Give up spicy foods.

6. Add Cranberry juice/capsules to your diet.

7. A urologist I know recommended Waterfall D Mannose. He said to avoid becoming dependent on the antibiotics (which is obv really but hard to imagine when you’re constantly facing it).

8. No thongs or g-strings 😉 cotton undies only.

9. Invest in acupuncture & herbal tea to manage it. (If you get it often).

When it hits you

1. No tea/coffee, alcohol, acidy foods, fizzy drinks, sweet things or spicy food

2. Grab a hot water bottle to soothe the pain

3. Drink lots of water but don’t overdrink. meaning.. sometimes you think the faster you drink the better it will be. It’ll burn more.

4. Mix half a glass of cranberry juice with warm water.  Refill all day long. Use it to flush it out.

5. Avoid stress if possible- I find I deal with it best when I’m at home in bed. Easier said than done when you’re working a 9-5 and have a male boss.

6. Don’t hold your pee for a long time but if you fill your bladder a little more then it’s less painful when you do pee. The worst is when you go to the toilet and only drops come out. They’re the killers.

7. If it doesn’t go away after three days – visit the doctors. I was told to visit sooner because I got it so often and it can be dangerous if the infection spreads.

8. I also use the tea that the acupuncturist gave to me. That helps sooo much.

That’s the advice from one sufferer to another.. feel free to add what works for you in the comments below.

P.s This is what not to do ——>  Snooki from Jersey Shore on her UTI


I opened Pandora's box and infertility entered my life.

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2 comments on “My sex is on fire. Literally.
  1. Zen Fertility Coach says:

    Great post. So many women suffer from chronic recurring UTI’s. They’re miserable!! You can also put about a teaspoon of baking soda in a tall glass of water and drink it. It alkalizes your urine so the bacteria are unable to survive! I also recommend a top quality probiotic designed for women such as Jarrow Fem-Dophilus. Maintaining healthy flora is important to ward off all female infections, including yeast, BV, and UTI’s.

    • Thanks for sharing!I have to confess I haven’t tried baking soda yet. I’ve been using acidophilus but I didn’t put it in the list as I tend to forget to take it. I need to become religious about it. I’ll look up Jarrow. Thank you 🙂

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