Playing the fool (Part 2) feat. Meh Cat

I might have to create a category called Playing the fool because I don’t think this will be the last time I do it. I went to bed at 9.30pm last night and woke up at 2am without a fever and feeling perfectly normal. At that moment hope jumped out of the window and ran off into the night – never to be seen again this month.

Sensible walked in and he told me that in the morning I’d see the plummet on my graph. I knew he was right. I did what I said I wouldn’t do. I plugged in my Duo Fertility monitor at 8.30am.

It showed me this…

Duo Fertility Graph

Snapshot of just the temperature section on Duo Fertility.

There’s only one thing to say to this..

Meh Cat

Meh Cat. (Lol Cat usage inspired by Mo)

There’s only one thing to do…

Cry tears of exhaustion and frustration? Scream at the universe ‘why oh why??’ Only kidding. If anyone from the Vagina Monologues asked how my vagina (and uterus) is feeling. I’d say tired. I’m giving her a break for the rest of the month and she doesn’t deserve to feel the guilt or blame that comes with tears.

Anyhow, I’m monstersitting today – my four year old nephew. There’s no time for tears. I’m going to shower, eat some good food, go see my momma and have a fun day with him. I’ll post some pics later.


I opened Pandora's box and infertility entered my life.

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4 comments on “Playing the fool (Part 2) feat. Meh Cat
  1. LisaB says:

    Ugh 😦 I’m sorry. I love meh cat. I hope you had a fun day day anyway though! Hugs!

    • I had a great day. : ) Absolutely exhausted. I was going to upload a couple of pics but then I read the post on Stirrup Queens about Time Magazine Cover and the rights of a child being photographed. Then I decided not to upload. Maybe I’ll crop some shots .. <- tired me rambling.

  2. Sensible ruins everything.

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