Introducing Date Night – 1001 of them

If someone suggested date night to me when I was two years into my marriage, I would have laughed it off and said ‘Don’t be so silly! We don’t need date night!’ Now almost eight years into my marriage, I think date night is kinda romantic and not half as mechanical as I thought it’d be. Plus it’s sooo needed. Otherwise we get busy with everything else and forget to just do something a little different.

Last night we met in the heart of Soho and went to a storytelling night to watch 1001 Nights by The Crick Crack Club. (They hold events across the UK so take a peek if you fancy a night of storytelling). Anyhow so we arrive and get comfy in our seats. I love Arabian tales so couldn’t wait for my mind to be transported to another place. Then sods law, the opening story had to be about a king who had a thousand wives yet none could give him a child because his heart was cold and his eyes were lacking life!!

The king only saw women as sexual objects (I didn’t think men saw otherwise.. only kidding!!). One day he falls for a beautiful blue eyed slave who refuses to speak to him but he worships her and adores her. Despite never speaking, she still ‘serves’ him… yada yada .. lots of magical nights.. blah blah..and a year later she gives birth to a baby girl. The king is disgusted since he wanted a boy – but that leads onto a whole different story. One that contains Arabian mermaids.. we won’t go there.

The Whispa bar must’ve been doing its job as the story didn’t affect me so much. I didn’t feel like God was mocking me, although he probably was pointing and laughing. I started to do an infertile Carrie Bradshaw again, sitting there and typing in my head on my invisible Macbook ‘I couldn’t help but wonder if God thinks there isn’t enough love in our marriage? This wasn’t the first time it had come up – was the universe trying to say something to me? Send me a message? I couldn’t compute it. A therapist (who had suffered infertility herself) once told me a Japanese saying that a child is a manifestation of love. There’s so much love here, why isn’t something.. anything manifesting??’

Scheherazade 1001 nights

Then I stopped doing the Carrie Bradshaw, licked the last of the melted chocolate off my fingers, turned to look at my beloved in the dark and decided baby or not I was richer than any Sultana with him by my side.(Did you just awww? Sickening, isn’t it? ; ) )


I opened Pandora's box and infertility entered my life.

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11 comments on “Introducing Date Night – 1001 of them
  1. You’re a fantastic writer 🙂

  2. waitingforarosebud says:

    Cute!! We also have Date nights, and Baby D (date) nights which are just going to the movies together and sharing popcorn!!

  3. marwil says:

    What a great idea for a date night. They are needed once in a while, I agree.

  4. There’s nothing like a good date night!
    If having enough love in a marriage was the only condition to have a baby I’d probably have five by now!

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