What my (almost) anovulatory cycle looked like on Duo Fertility

I’ve noticed that people are searching for information on anovulatory cycles & Duo Fertility charts. I’m sharing my messed up chart because it may help others new to Duo Fertility spot an anovulatory cycle. (Blogger friends – feel free to skip this post).

I experienced intermenstrual bleeding when I should have ovulated and this threw my usual 29(ish) day cycle off course. Notice in the chart below above my temperature didn’t rise and remained level throughout when I’d usually expect ovulation (around day 12)… it made me scream and weep inside! At that point Duo Fertility contacted me to say they believed I was experiencing an anovulatory cycle. However, I was lucky because on day 16 my temperature began to rise but it wasn’t until Day 22 I ovulated and even then the temperature dip on ovulation is usually nailed down to one day. My daily temperatures for this last cycle confused the hell out of me (and likely the nice people at Duo Fertility too). I also experienced a shortened luteual phase – 10 days. To be honest, I’m just glad that cycle is over.

One thing that I do want to note is I really do believe the Aviva Method (exercises) workshop that I participated in on the day of ovulation helped to regulate my body somehow. I won’t be able to tell for definite until I’ve started regularly practicing all 18 exercises but read my post on the Aviva Method Workshop to find out why I believe the method may just have worked for me. The Aviva Method has a set group of exercises for dealing with anovulation – you begin the exercises from day 3 up until day 14 (practiced every few days or twice a week) and then switch to a lighter set of exercises which focus on ovulation. I’m yet to master the core 18! I’d recommend contacting an Aviva Method teacher if you want to know more.

Anovulatory Cycle- Duo Fertility

If you’re wondering why I’ve chosen to invest in Duo Fertility, it’s because I need a reliable way to monitor my temperatures without stressing myself out. So that I can understand my body. I appreciate the extra insights from the experts and I hope in the next few months I’ll make better use of it. I do wish the cost of it was more reasonable and I’m not sure I can continue using it after this year of subscription is up. Cost is definitely a barrier but hey .. if it works for you, then it’s worth it right?


I opened Pandora's box and infertility entered my life.

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