Aviva Method: One .. two.. three.. strike.




Grooving to the odd Aviva playlist lightens my mood.

I still have 10 exercises to learn and I think I may need to Skype Sofia from Aviva London soon to ask her to remind me of a few moves. There’s something really empowering about learning these exercises and not having a DVD to follow. I’m so terrible at remembering sequences that I’ve had to memorise them like dances.. ‘one.. two.. turn.. strike.. one .. two.. turn.. strike‘ and time myself against the music. Doing Exercise 2: Zorba quickly is a fun challenge. In a few months I should know these by heart and while I don’t know the impact they’ll have in the long term, I do feel sooo much better after working out. I feel like my ‘working zone’ is awake and my ovaries are alive.

The session ended today with Mr.Cat deciding to sit on my feet as I stood reading the instructions for the next move. We then hit track 9 and grooved together to this:


If you’re practicing The Aviva Method, I’d love to hear about your experience so far- please leave me a note πŸ™‚

P.s Here’s a picture of my cat and his foot fetish..

Cat who loves feet

My beast. He loves feet and cuddles. (Talking about my cat, not Mr. Husband.. although he is accosting Mr.Husband in that picture).


I opened Pandora's box and infertility entered my life.

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4 comments on “Aviva Method: One .. two.. three.. strike.
  1. edz says:

    My husband and i are also trying for a baby for almost a year now… He found this aviva method and asked me to try it.. This is just my first month.i practiced exercise found in the web.. Hope we get lucky… This baby making is driving me nuts 😦

    • Goodluck with the exercises and I soo know what you mean about it driving you nuts. Fingers crossed for you. Let me know if you notice a difference. Where did you find the exercises online?

  2. Pink says:

    Salaam, i came across the Aviva method from pcos forums and then when i wanted to look into it further i stumbled upon your blog (this was in early August) and i just did the course this Sunday. I’m also 29, i may have asymptomatic pcos although still getting various blood tests done. We’ve only been actively trying for a baby for a year, but once you decide you want one it seems to take forever- and friends around you popping them out by the dozen doesn’t help!

    Your writing style is really witty and engaging, but i think i identified with your dry humour the most, as much of the sadness of what you’re feeling comes through in those posts. I really hope and pray the exercises work for you, i bought the second book as i want my husband to do the exercises also and there was some good ones to promote ovulation which might help?

    Most of all, don’t give up and do have faith. I’m sure that your family and friends will have advised you of this, but just remember that Allah tests those He loves, and the prsyers of those who are in anguish and suffering are always answered, and when the thing you want most comes after so much difficulty and longing, it is all the more sweeter. Please don’t be disheartened or lose faith, try and fast in these last remaining days of Shawwal and if you have not done so already remember to keep making the dua of Prophet Zakariyyah for children. Don’t despair of God’s mercy and love for you, as Allah loves those who continue to ask of Him, and it a very self-destructive mental state to be in, as i been going through this.

    I guess your counsellors/advisors would have already told you this as well as Sofia at the course, but one of the things that most messes up hormone levels is stress, and you are obviously seriously stressed about your fertility, and i know it’s easy to say but you need to try and relax your mind and your body and give yourself a break! As God promises, inna ma’al usri yusra- verily, after every hardship comes ease. xx

    • Walaikumassalam!

      It’s almost 4am here and I think.. because I’m a big believer in signs.. Allah woke me up to read your messages. I feel that they each deserve a proper reply so InshaAllah later today I’ll write to you. πŸ™‚ Just wanted you to know that I am reading.

      Also, I’m quite liberal so as much as you enjoy my blog, I hope some of things I come out with don’t shock you! Thought I should add that in as some Muslim sisters might be a bit wide eyed at me. :O

      Thank you for reaching out and sharing your story too. Until later x

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