Metformin ninjas in my tummy

There are ninjas in my tummy and they are karate chopping against the wall. Metformin has been kicking my ass the last two days.  After taking four months out to concentrate on my health, I’m feeling heaps stronger and now I’ve decided it’s time to go get myself thoroughly checked out. The NHS GP insists I try Metformin before he refers me to the specialists.  (Metformin & PCOS explained – for those wondering about how a medicine for diabetes works on PCOS)

I decided I was bad ass enough to just start on the full dose of 2 tablets a day. I can be an idiot sometimes! That said, today has gone ok (mainly because I eased up on the sugary and acidy food).

Here’s what I’ve been feeling from the Metformin

  • Super sensitive nipples – to the extent that I told Mr.Husband to keep his paws away and declared them a no go zone. Poor man.
  • Tummy ache and everything that comes with it
  • Low energy levels and an increase in appetite – Mr Google has told me that this happens if you don’t actually need the drug

During NAET therapy, my body told Thea that I don’t need the Metformin but it won’t harm me if I take it. My tummy begs to differ about the latter.

It’s now ovulation time but this is a POAS Free Zone and I refuse to plug in my Duo Fertility Monitor. Sorry Duo Fertility Specialists, I know you want me to do it but it’s pressure and stress that my body and mind don’t need.

So, this is where I am at and I’ve got two months supply of Metformin to get through.

How do I feel?

I really didn’t want to take the Metformin. In a way it’s good because it has forced me to put other good stuff in my system (like water) to balance it out. Other than that, I don’t feel so hopeful and if this messes up my natural cycle I will stomp around like a Wild Thing in the GP’s office. We’ll have to see what happens!


I opened Pandora's box and infertility entered my life.

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5 comments on “Metformin ninjas in my tummy
  1. marwil says:

    I’m glad you feel like you could handle the meds now, although I hope the side effects calm down for you. And most of all, that it’s the trick that is needed.

  2. LisaB says:

    I really feel for you! Boo Metformin! I know it can be super helpful though. I hope it gets much better for you soon! Good luck!

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