Paris: A lil bit of vava voom and a touch of ooh la la!

“I like The Eiffel Tower because it looks like steel and lace.” ― Natalie Lloyd


Eiffel TowerA few months ago, I randomly booked Paris because I was dying to see my favourite band play live. Mr.Husband agreed to it, mainly because he thinks I’m nuts and so goes along with my random date night ideas. I knew we’d be on a budget trip but it didn’t bother me what hotel we stayed in, as long as it was clean and relatively quiet. Our philosophy is to spend most of our time roaming the streets and little time cooped up in a hotel.

Paris is just so damn beautiful and sexy. Sure it has the roughness of other cities but it’s enchanting. Mr.Husband said, ‘Wow, French makes everyone so much more attractive.’ I had to agree. Men in their 30s looked effortlessly delicious with their beards and Parisian fashion. I found myself mumbling to Mr.Husband ‘Jesus, why didn’t I come to Paris when I was 18?’ and he naturally elbowed me hard.

Even I started to feel sexier. (Note: I think the recent addition of Royal Jelly to my supplements has helped with that)

As we walked down a street in Chemin Vart, we came across three unusual shops along the strip. There was an erotica store, a store with African fertility dolls in the window and a fantasy/magic shop. Mr.Husband looked at me and laughed as he said, ‘This street was meant for you.’ That made me smile.

Later that night, we visited the Eiffel Tower and sat by the river to share a crepe. We didn’t know that the Eiffel Tower lights up at midnight and when it did we looked up in complete awe. It was only by chance that we’d gone there so late. I was overwhelmed with gratitude for everything that is right in my life.

Mr.Husband broke the magic spell with ‘I like her legs’ – he meant the Eiffel Tower (I hope). You know Nathalie Lloyd is right; the Eiffel Tower does look like steel and lace.  Had the Eiffel Tower been placed in London, I assure you it would not look so charming or sexy.

Snuggled up in bed, I said with all seriousness, ‘You know if we conceived here, we could name our child Paris.’

‘That’s awful,’ he replied.

‘I know.’ We both laughed.

In Istanbul we found our faith again, in Paris we found our relationship again… I can only wonder what’s next.


I opened Pandora's box and infertility entered my life.

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7 comments on “Paris: A lil bit of vava voom and a touch of ooh la la!
  1. What a lovely and adorable story. Thank you for sharing this! I am one of those people who moved to Paris in my early 30s, after bouts of infertility problems and a broken relationship. I remember seeing tons of pregnant people here, thinking is there something in the water? I don’t know, but what I do know is that after about 5 years, just when I had totally accepted that I wouldn’t have children, two beautiful miracle babies appeared one after the other naturally. They are now, 6 & 7… I laughed at your line, “Men in their 30s looked effortlessly delicious with their beards and Parisian fashion,” because their Daddy is one of those men. 😉 Perhaps you brought a little of that Paris magic back home with you. Wishing you well with your personal journey… keep that positive energy coming… keep talking because expression is a huge part of this journey. My very best to you.

    • Thank you for sharing your story too! I like the happily ever stories because they give me a glimpse of light in the tunnel. So many people have said to me it’s about letting go and moving on. Once my health gets back on track, I intend to get back out there and start living properly again. Sitting around waiting bites.

      I did spend quite a bit of time admiring the little French children racing up the escalators to the train on their scooters. They were so cute! And lol at the delicious French men, I think they inspired Mr.Husband so let’s see.

      It’s funny that you called it Paris magic because that’s exactly what I thought when writing the post but didn’t include it in writing.

      Thank you for the well wishes 🙂 I’ll do my best to keep my chin up.

      • Yes, please do keep your chin up… because your best days might be right around the corner. Acceptance and letting go are vital, as is taking care of yourself. Sounds like Paris was a first step in doing that… let the magic of this beautiful city guide you and inspire you. I’m here if you ever need to vent or need a change of perspective. I subscribed to your blog so I think you now have my e-mail, or at least contact info on my blog.

        Take care… oh and by the way… my little ones have been known to run up the escalators of the metro with their scooters! Glad to know they are not the only ones doing that… although I am probably the only Mommy running after them to tell them to stop. I’m a New Yorker, I’ll never blend in. lol

        My best wishes…

  2. marwil says:

    Yes, it feels like everything is possible in Paris. I need to go back one day. It’s magic indeed.

  3. L squared says:

    I lived in the the UK for a year while completing my Master’s degree and I had the opportunity to visit Paris (among other Euro cities) for about 5 days. It was amazing and I seriously long for the city some days. It is a place where, if I could say “Screw this life” and never look back, I would run to.

  4. LisaB says:

    Aww, I love that story! Paris sounds so amazing, I’ve never been! I’m glad you could take a nice trip together xoxo

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