Finding a fertility clinic in London

The NHS are being rubbish. I’ve waited 6 weeks now and I haven’t received an appointment. I was happily waiting around and ignoring my infertility. Then my mother got on the phone and I couldn’t ignore my fertility issues anymore. I’m blessed to have such supportive parents, they offered some financial help so I could go private and get some peace of mind.

I didn’t have a clue where to start in finding a clinic. Mr.Husband took control and booked an appointment with Zita West herself. I’m scared. I should be happy and excited but I’m dreading all the tests. The waiting. The expense. The stress of juggling a hectic work schedule with appointments and not slipping at work.

I considered putting it off but this situation isn’t getting any better – my periods are still scant (but thankfully regular). Maybe it is time I truly commit to this journey. Show some real strength and take control. I think I’m scared of being disappointed and facing heartbreak. It’s crazy that I can’t even visualise pregnancy anymore. Like I refuse to fool myself into it.

I have never been pregnant. It’s a fact. I can’t ignore it.

I have over 10 pages to fill in for Zita West. I just want to write ‘My body is failing me, nothing seems to be helping and I’ve tried EVERYTHING naturally. Please help. ‘ I ‘ve been taking her vitamins for the past year, already read both her books and tried listening to her hypnotherapy CD (which I can’t chill out to).

So my question for all of you who are London/UK based.. have any of you been to Zita West? Do you have any recommendations for other clinics?


I opened Pandora's box and infertility entered my life.

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17 comments on “Finding a fertility clinic in London
  1. I would go for something that is convenient for you to get to for scans etc and where you feel comfortable. The difference in success rates between the London clinics is negliable, with the exception of ARGC who cherry pick in terms of requiring your hormones particularly FSH to be within certain levels before you can start treatment. Good luck x

  2. I’m at Hammersmith on the NHS & I’m mostly lukewarm towards them, but as I’ve now got a failed cycle up my sleeve they have really upped their game. My recent consult was with Dr Trew who is one of the two lead consultants there and he was really good. I haven’t been elsewhere.

  3. Also, I meant to add that Hammersmith does scans between 7 & half 9 each morning. I start work in the city at 8 so I always managed to get a 7am scan appt & only got to work less than half an hour late, which I blamed on the trains!

  4. LisaB says:

    Oh, this is great news!! I’m so glad you are going to get some answers and help! It can be very overwhelming to both prepare for the visit and complete the testing and such. It can also be very empowering though to get some answers! That way you can see that there is a real medical issue – it’s not your fault. It’s not even your body’s fault. Your body just needs some proper adjustments. Just like any diabetic or anyone with a chronic disease. You’ve done so much to increase your chances and get healthy. You should be proud. But even a diabetic can’t do it all on their own. This will be good for you hun xoxoxo Thinking of you and sending prayers!! I’m here for you anytime.

  5. marwil says:

    It’s so overwhelming to begin the investigation and possible treatments. But unfortunately, that’s how you can get some answers and hopefully what your heart is longing for in the end. I haven’t been to any London based clinics, we have been to Oxford which I have found friendly and helpful all along. Best of luck with your appointment and then finding the place you feel comfortable with. xx

  6. Luna says:

    I don’t know about London, but we are with the Priory in Birmingham which is a Spire clinic and so far I am very very happy with them. I think the most important thing is that you feel comfortable. I am sure Zita will set you in the right direction. I have both of her books and they are clear, concise and no nonsense, an approach I really appreciate. I am quite envious you are going to see her actually!

  7. Ana says:

    Hi, this may be a little late as I see you have already had your NHS appointment but I am with CRM London and I really love it there. It is so calm and reassuring and my doctor is fab. Did you have your Zita West appointment? I would love to read your blog post on that – I have read her books and would be so interested to hear what the appointment was like. Sorry if I missed that post already.

    • I decided to hold off on private until September as I’m still getting settled in my new job.

      I also wasn’t sure about Zita so I made my husband cancel the appointment for now. It’s between Zita and Lister. Although now I’ll have to check out CRM too! If I do end up going to Zita, I’ll write a blog for you. šŸ™‚

  8. pink says:

    i was just reading a zita west book, i don’t know why but she seems a bit too commercialized – like making money from all the misery of infertility?! i was really stupid with my nhs paperwork and just got fed up of all the blood tests and didn’t call them at all, and now i have to go through the whole referral process again :s

    • There’s some good stuff in the Zita West books but I found the TCOYF book a lot more helpful. Zita seems more holistic than other clinics but in already investing heavily in alternative therapy. I need real medical investigation!

      NHS is a pain but it’s free so I’m trying to suck it up. At least until I’m in the position to throw myself into private.

  9. pink says:

    I haven’t read that one yet, my friend lent me her ‘The Ultimate guide to PCOS’ which was useful but really depressing, for some reason every time i start reading it i end up in tears before i get very far, so my husband chucked it away lol! Tbh, reading all the American blogs i feel quite grateful that we have the nhs however flawed it is, because otherwise i could never afford the cost of private treatments that they all have to go through, seems so unfair when people get knocked up for free šŸ˜¦

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