Back to class: Aviva Method

Infertility + Exercise + PCOS + Prolactin = ARGH

I’ve never been a sporty kind of girl. Well apart from my love for hockey at school because I had a stick and I thought I looked badass. That’s why over the years I’ve years I’ve struggled to commit to the gym. For a while I got a personal trainer and started running. I thought I was combating stress but instead I was stupidly burning the little energy I had. Soon after my periods started disappearing and the problems started.

Since then I’ve been searching for the right form of exercise. After experiencing high prolactin levels, I was advised to stay away from cardio and take up yoga. I failed at yoga, it was too slow and I kept watching the clock. So here I am, having failed at committing properly I’m starting again with the Aviva Method. On a mission to succeed this time, I contacted Sofia at Aviva London and booked myself on another workshop.

It was good seeing Sofia and to my surprise she had a lovely bump. I found the sequence so much easier to follow this time. I just wish someone held weekly classes – I need a motivator!

Comparing where I was to where I am

The first time I attended Sofia’s class I was fragile – both emotionally and physically. It was only at the class that I recognised how much stronger I’m feeling. Physically. Emotionally I’m not quite there yet. As Thea (my fairy Godmother/naturopath) said to me, this battle is now 95% emotional when it once was 95% physical.

Lifestyle changes are slowly paying off

It’s been a year. Maybe it’ll take another year or two for my body to return to full strength. Sofia explained that following the Aviva Method includes lifestyle changes and eliminating too much acid from the diet. Something I’ve already been working on. She made us take a pH saliva test. When I did this the last time, my result was disappointing. This time it was perrrrfect! BOOM!

At the end of the class I also made a new friend. She was on the train, sitting opposite me with her gorgeous little daughter and her husband. I never for a second thought she’d be going to the same class as me because she was facing infertility too. It felt really good to connect with someone real – to be able to chat about our issues and share all the things we’re trying. We blog and our thoughts are out there but it still felt so strange when she said she had stumbled on this blog.

I’m soooo very thankful that Sofia held the class – y’know since she’s all pregnant with a big bump and it’s probably not easy. I needed to feel the improvements and in a way I needed someone to express their faith. During the class she said to me that I would get there – fall pregnant. If only I could transform her faith into my own.

Aviva Method success stories for women with PCOS

3 hour workshop only costs £35. That’s a bargain and I really do believe it’s worth a try.

Aviva Method - Facebook Quote

Aviva Method Facebook Quote


I opened Pandora's box and infertility entered my life.

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3 comments on “Back to class: Aviva Method
  1. LisaB says:

    Wow, that is great! Best of luck to you!!

  2. hopingonhope says:

    Hey, looks interesting. Can you share more details?

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