Duo Fertility, OvaCue, iBasal and Fertility Friend

I’ve been shopping around for a new cycle monitoring companion. If you’ve used any, it’d be awesome to get your feedback on any of the ones listed below or anything that I haven’t discovered. After discovering other charting tools,  I realised that Duo Fertility really doesn’t match up to the offering chart & info wise. In my humble opinion, Duo Fertility need to merge with Fertility Friend.

Quick review of Duo Fertility

It measures my BBT without stressing me out and it calculates ovulation. You get a report, a bunch of pregnancy tests and the customer service can be pretty good. It hasn’t been great at predicting my fertile window but my cycles are a nightmare so I don’t think they’re easy to predict.

However at £49 a month, it’s bloody expensive and not the ideal charting companion. The chart is too simple, they don’t have a mobile app and I have to plug in the device to my laptop whenever I want to access my temps and charts. If I travel, I have to take my comp with so that I can plug the device in and adjust the timezones. An app would be better!

I’ve also read on MoneySavingsExpert that Duo Fertility have tight criteria on the whole money back guarantee offer. My thermometers have died on me a couple of times, I wonder if they take that into consideration with data gaps.

I’m no longer in love with Duo Fertility but I can’t think of another way to track my temps without stressing myself out again. I know that you’re paying for the service rather than the technology but it’s still pricey (yes, it burns to be paying that much). Like other fertility monitors, they do have some success stories – it didn’t work for me but it has worked for others.

I’ve used the Clear Blue Fertility Monitor too – not great if you have PCOS but otherwise I think it’s pretty accurate. It works out about £1 a stick. For a little while I used it with Duo Fertility to double check ovulation.

My initial thoughts on charting with Fertility Friend and TCOYF

Let’s start with TCOYF. I love the book (Taking Charge of Your Fertility) – I mean who doesn’t love the book? But the online software is painfully slow and throws up errors. They have a version to download to PC but not Mac. Like Fertility Friend, there’s also an online community where you can seek advice and compare charts.

Frustrated with the online tool, I swiftly found myself Googling Fertility Friend and signed up. As soon as I saw that they have an iPhone/iPad app and a free trial period, I knew this is was going to be the start of something good. My charting obsession is going to reach new heights! Why didn’t anyone tell me about this?? I feel like I’m late to the party.

There are lots of reasons I love Fertility Friend

  • The app runs well and the user interface is a delight
  • It gives you bits of info about cycles – the science behind them – which makes you feel like it’s actually engaging with you
  • It also gives you stats so you can see how normal the behaviour is
  • You can compare your charts to others
  • You can search charts and make sense of the patterns
  • It flags when you should test for pregnancy and seems to do well at managing expectations e.g. telling me a tiny % of women spot at 17DPO and are pregnant so best not to get my hopes up

I wish Duo Fertility were this transparent with user data because it’s empowering for the whole community.

Pondering Ovacue

If you search Ovacue Reviews, you’ll see they’ve rocked at blogger engagement because you’ll find a whole load of positive reviews. One blogger even fell pregnant in her first month of using it – read her review. OvaCue tunes into electrolytes and hormone levels to highlight the fertile window.It’s not for charting BBT. I was tempted to try it but then I read some of the negative reviews on Amazon  and now I have my doubts. Some reviewers believed that it calculated the fertile window like an online tool would do, not using the hormone levels. Others said that it wasn’t ideal for irregular cycles. I’m still pondering OvaCue.


As I was looking on FairHavenHealth at OvaCue, I stumbled on iBasal too. It sounds like a fancy thermometer that comes with a charting service and an alarm. Cons? Reviewers said biggest fault was the lack of backlight. There were also a couple of comments on how it’s not so easy to use and one reviewer couldn’t find an online manual for it. I think I’ll be sticking to Duo Fertility or just swapping it for a standard thermometer.

All this searching and pondering then led me to wonder whether vaginal temping is better than oral temping?  Thoughts anyone?


I opened Pandora's box and infertility entered my life.

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15 comments on “Duo Fertility, OvaCue, iBasal and Fertility Friend
  1. Β. 'Ατακτη says:

    I am using babycomp, 3rd cycle already. The smartest thing, I’ve ever done for getting a clearer picture of my body’s rhythm.

    • Thanks for the recommendation, I had a look at it – it’s a similar price as Duo Fertility. Do you get to keep the device? My temperatures are all over the place and lower than normal. It’s hard finding patterns but it did at least reassure me that I was ovulating.

      • Β. 'Ατακτη says:

        You’re welcome. I bought the device second hand (excellent condition) a couple of months ago. I like it more than any other device that is out there at the moment. My temperatures are on the high but I have faith, things are getting better. I have to thank my acupuncturist for that.
        Dud you buy the duo fertility?

  2. SM says:

    I loved Fertility Friend! Sometimes it would frustrate me but otherwise it was a good charting program.

  3. Another Bun says:

    I like Fertility Friend. It’s pretty easy to use and I love that I can use the iPhone app. It’s not always perfect but it feeds my obsessive need to track and plan!

  4. Fertility Friend is what I use. In the past, I have tried other sites (countdowntopregnancy & TCOYF are just 2!), and I always return to fertility friend. I like that even if I don’t get VIP, the app is there, and I can do most everything on my chart. However, if you like them on facebook, they have great sales! I got a year of VIP recently for the price of 2 moths. WELL worth it! I *think* they have a current sale going on right now on their facebook page, so check it out!

    TMI Alert: I temp vaginally. The main reason I do so is that I am a mouth breather. It’s easier to get accurate temps for me. When I started temping (5 years ago!) I was working a job that had no hours. I found that by temping vaginally, my temps were still clear enough to indicate O day without being at the same time everyday, or the same amount of sleep. This may not happen to all, I tend to have a larger shift, but it is worth keeping in mind!

    Hope that helped!

    • Sorry for the long reply!

    • I just checked Facebook and bought the promo VIP deal. Thanks so much for sharing!! I also need to set up an anonymous Facebook, I don’t want friends seeing me sign up and comment on fertility things. Isn’t it strange? You can celebrate pregnancy and it’s completely normal but somehow fertility things are hush hush.

      Thanks for the info on vaginal temping too. Disturbed sleep is the main reason I’m considering it if I give up Duo Fertility. Maybe I’ll give it a go alongside Duo F at first to see how it goes.

      You helped loads 😀 Thank you!

      • So glad you got the sale! I hear you on the private facebook thing. I put their page like to “Only Me” for that exact reason! I would defiantly suggest doing both for a month (or two!) until you get the handle. You might decide to keep both for all you know!

        Best of luck on getting your BFP soon!

  5. knalani says:

    It sounds like you already have a pretty good handle on the options (at least all the ones I know of)!

    I like to use the paper chart from tcoyf.com, then enter it into FertilityFriend.com. (I know, it’s weird, but I have this odd affinity for paper.) I wrote about my feelings about charting on my blog: http://infertilechemist.wordpress.com/2013/05/22/roid-monkey/

    I also like to use the CBFM, which I wrote about here: http://infertilechemist.wordpress.com/2013/05/18/old-habits-die-hard/

  6. LisaB says:

    I always loved Fertility Friend! It’s nice to keep track of everything. It definitely helps. If you have pretty irregular cycles, it’s kind of hard to use your data for future cycles to predict ovulation. But still you can keep track of your fertile signs and everything each cycle. I haven’t used any of the other methods you listed, but they sound interesting!

    • I think I need to read TCYOF again to learn the fertile signs again, other than EWCM I don’t really pay attention. On some days I think I should just pack it all in but it’s even worse not knowing.

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