5 HTP – Infertility & Depression

I took 5 HTP to kick the blues. The 50mg dose left me wired and unable to sleep. It also acted as an aphrodisiac (which made me giggle a lot).

I don’t want to take this everyday. I just want a weekly boost. However, I read that while 5 HTP raises serotonin levels (happiness levels), the increase in serotonin naturally leads to an increase in cortisol.

Correct me if I’m wrong but from my understanding the body uses progesterone to make cortisol. Cortisol is not good for balanced fertile hormones! So when dealing with infertility depression, I think this might be counter-productive if I was to take it everyday.

The crazy thing is that 5 HTP was recommended in The Fertility Diet (the book) but the author failed to mention the cortisol connection. I don’t like the book. It’s repetitive and quite basic.

I really don’t want to be put on real antidepressants and maybe it’s just that I need to make more time for light exercise.

Either way – I’m done with misery. I’m kicking its ass out of the door.


I opened Pandora's box and infertility entered my life.

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9 comments on “5 HTP – Infertility & Depression
  1. damelapin says:

    I like your last phrase. When I tell her that I’m still angry when I see all those pregnant women, and how I feel violence in me, my shrink tells me that at least I’m strong – it’s fuel to go further ahead in the fertility program (don’t know if I’ve got the words right…)

  2. Vera says:

    Isn’t it very tempting to try all tips and tricks suggested out there to put our fertility on track? I’ve done that too….now I say, my body can do a lot….when it can…..recently there’s been an internal dialogue with my ovaries, uterus and fallopian tubes…I try to listen to them carefully.
    Do I sound weird? Well, I AM weird 🙂

    • To a woman who isn’t going through infertility you would sound weird 😉 but to me you don’t! This month I’ve tried really hard not to get emotional or allow myself to slip into sadness. As a result, I’ve had an almost (just dull pain) painless period. I take that as a small win.

  3. Sadie says:

    I think you reach a point where, for sanity’s sake, you just can’t get so depressed after each failed cycle, each time you witness happy families and sweet new babies that aren’t yours. I don’t know if it’s acceptance or resignation, but I’m feeling slightly more able to face those things… However you’re getting there, you’re on the right track my friend! Misery can F right off!

    • I really hope that at some point the misery stops because what kind of life is this? To live with a dark cloud above our heads everyday. I sure hope I’m on the right track. Thanks for telling it to F off.

  4. E v e l y n says:

    How about vitamin D?

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