Assisted Fertility: The NHS saga continues

Yo, NHS. Where’s my assisted fertility appointment?

So, after losing my fax and leaving me to wait 6 weeks, I was told that I should receive an appointment in two weeks. Then we called up and they said we won’t get an appointment but we will receive a form that we need to fill in. Then after they’ve reviewed that, we’ll get an appointment. Excuse me while I go and scream. Patience is not a virtue that a woman dealing with 5 (or is it 6?) years of infertility has.

Note.. this baby image was borrowed from the interwebs.

Note.. this pissed off baby image was borrowed from the interwebs.

I opened Pandora's box and infertility entered my life.

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17 comments on “Assisted Fertility: The NHS saga continues
  1. Luna says:

    God the NHS and its endless sagas of uselessness. I truly believe that going private (finally, after doing the NHS dance for two years) sped us up by a year at the least. I am so sorry you are having to wade through their crap.

    • We’re thinking of going private abroad but I am so tempted to go to Lister because I feel like over the last two years I’ve done enough waiting through the NHS. They stall so much.

  2. V says:

    At one point when were considering doing IVF, we found out it would cheaper for us to do it in the UK in a private clinic than have it done in the states. That would be including airfare. I’m just not sure how feasible it would be. Sorry there is so much red tape.

  3. Little Wife says:

    Seems pretty complicated to get an appointment… sorry that you have to wait again.
    But I love the picture !

  4. Ugh. That blows. I am so sorry. On the plus side, that photo is hilarious!! Glad you still have your sense of humor 🙂 Hope the bureaucracy gets their act together ASAP.

  5. elaaisa says:

    I always complain about the French system but the NHS doesn’t seem to be much better.. Hope all this paper work will soon be done!

  6. Oh for heavens’ sake. This would drive me mad. I’d probably cry. I’m not good with that sort of thing.

    • I had a little cry but then my father (who is abroad) randomly called and that soothed the soul. I hate crying right now because it makes me feel weak but tears are tears .. they flow whether I like it or not.

      I don’t think I’m handling it well anymore. 😦

  7. hopingonhope says:

    Really!!!! I want to scream with you. Did you ask them ” Are you sure you will receive my paperwork this time?” Why does the healthcare system never realise that the one thing we infertiles dont have, is the luxury of time. Call them daily, sit on their lazy bum till you get your work done.

    • Mr Husband is thinking of living in the hospital. Thank you for screaming for me! We are doing our best of sitting on them – it’s just so frustrating to be told different things by them.

  8. damelapin says:

    The pic is smashing!
    French system can be both private or public. Some go to the public clinics, others to the private ones.
    I never supposed NHS would be THAT bad – thks I didn’t move to the uk after all :-/

  9. Hang in there. They have to get it right sometime.

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