Oh hai der!

Barren Betty inspired a picture post. These days I fail to find words to write on this blog. In many ways I’m at the point of resenting that I’m still writing about infertility! But I need to get over it so I’m woman-ing up!

A note before I give a quick update: I’m traveling and writing this on my phone. Formatting will suck. Also, I’ve decided to rename Mr Husband and call him Super Man because he deserves it.

So to start, here’s an update:

1. The NHS saga continued on. They didn’t tell us that one of the funding criteria for assisted conception is BMI. Super Man estimated that my BMI was 18 (I’m flattered?) – the criteria is 19. So they rejected us. We had to run around Oxford Street trying to find a Boots BMI machine one rainy morning before work. I might be slim but I’m not that light! The first one was broken – I wanted to roar and eat the poor Boots consultant when he told me that customers reported that all machines in the area were bust.

I called up Boots on Tottenham Court Road, they reset and tested their machine. Hallelujah it worked! My BMI was a whopping 20.5 (I lose weight too easily).

Long story short – they agreed to fund us.

2. The date with the dildo cam and specialist revealed that I don’t have ‘normal polycystic ovaries’.. In fact she’d question whether I do really have PCO. That left me baffled. Rewind 3 months and I was being told by another consultant that I’m lucky that I’ve maintained my low weight and that if I put on 20% more my cycles would have been affected. It’s REALLY hard for me to put on 20% more so I’m not sure what he was smoking. I’m tiny.

I’m still pushing on with a low sugar, anti acid and processed carbs diet. I don’t deny myself the odd treat – after all I have 20% room for acidy stuff. I tried hemp protein to help me put on good weight but it makes me want to puke.

My blood tests seem ok but I’m still worried about egg quality.

3. The new consultant advised that I just go straight into a long protocol IVF cycle. I was expecting IUIs. I should be happy but I cried because I was positively terrified. Plus at that point the reality of the situation hits you.

4. We went to the clinic’s IVF evening, the night before our hols. When I saw the slides about fertilisation, I cried again because it’s so damn magical and I don’t think fertiles realise the magic that takes place in them. I have a lot of love for Embryologists.

At that point I realised how many hurdles are ahead. It’s not a case of just injecting yourself and automatically being granted golden eggs from your body. If anyone in their infertility ignorance ever dares to say ‘You can always have IVF!’ to me, I’m going to punch them hard and blame it on the hormones.

We also looked like the youngest couple there and when I asked the Dr a question about the process I’m pretty sure he was wondering why a teen was asking him about IVF (I’m 30 but look 14! Yeah, I still get ID’d in Waitrose).

The Dr made a joke about how women always feel they need to hide in a dark room in solitude after transfer when it’s not needed. That made me laugh because my initial reaction to IVF was to be left alone.

6. So now I’m on holiday – eat, love and praying. A whole lot of praying.

My bosses have been amazing and I’m hoping when I go back they continue to be amazing. I’ve decided to take time off for this assisted cycle because my next IVF cycle won’t be for another year.

I won’t be blogging through the process because my mind needs to focus on other things. I’m already obsessively googling and I can only imagine how I’ll be then!

In-between this all I’ve been up to some seriously fun and fabulous stuff too – I’ll post some non-IF related pics after my hols.

Next post is going to contain pics ..


I opened Pandora's box and infertility entered my life.

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12 comments on “Oh hai der!
  1. redbluebird says:

    So happy to see an update on your blog!
    I’m glad things are moving forward for you, although I know IVF is a big step. I hate how the fertile world just assumes IVF and/or adoption are the answer to all things. Like it works flawlessly every time. IVF = baby. But in your case, it will 🙂
    Enjoy your holiday!

  2. barrenbetty says:

    Yay! Photos! But not yay to everything else. I HATE it when people think IVF is a magic answer (even though it can be). It’s still blooming hard, and that’s if it works. I also hate the “have you considered adoption” people. I’m glad you are on track now with your cycle and funding…. Oh, and I’m 30 and I always, always, always get asked for ID as well. My great gran told me I look young cos I have a fat face and it pushes out the wrinkles (I’m not fat, but I think she meant it as a compliment… apparently she was told the same, and she did look pretty good for 90) I’m eagerly anticipating your next post!! xx

  3. Β. 'Ατακτη says:

    Nice to read a post from you again. Best wishes for your journey (IVF or whatever else). Keep your spirits up! xxx

  4. elaaisa says:

    ” If anyone in their infertility ignorance ever dares to say ‘You can always have IVF!’ to me, I’m going to punch them hard and blame it on the hormones.”
    I’ll be your punching buddy! 😉

  5. I got ID’d in Waitrose the other day. I was buying a lighter. Not a smokers one, one of those long ones for lighting a BBQ. Along with £200 of BBQ food. I also got ID’d going to watch Bridesmaids at the cinema, which is a 15! It’s a blessing really, but I did tell the boy IDing me in Waitrose that I was old enough to be his mum! 🙂 x

  6. marwil says:

    Oh my thing are happening. So glad you could sort out the BMI thing, ugh, what a frustration! Didn’t know they had a lower cut-off as well, only a higher one. Learning new things all the time…
    Holiday sounds nice and I think it’s wise to take time off for yourself throughout this process. It is such a huge deal, I will be rooting for you even if you are silent. And that is quite wise too, I think. Best of luck!!

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Oh, what a power is motherhood, possessing
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~ Euripides, Iphigenia in Aulis, c. 405 B.C.

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