Pumpkins, infertiles and cackles

You NEED to read this! Pumpkins + Infertiles  (pregnant ones included) + Barren Betty with a drill= A WHOLE LOT OF FUN! This could go horribly well for some of us and tragically wrong for others. Either way we’re all going cackle happily and we want you to join in!  Barren Betty explains it all on her blog including how on earth we came up with this– so head on over there!! Whatchu waiting for?

If you’re worried about your pumpkin carving skills (or lack of), rest assured there are many categories and this is one of them:

 we are all fighting for the Lamest in Show award… #gameon  – Barren Betty 

Current pumpkin contenders (this is sounding like Gladiators)

1. Barren Betty

Betty’s in it to win it. The fact she’s being let loose with knives and a drill scares me a bit. I hope Mr Betty has insured the house.

2. Lamentingthelentil

Lentil says her creativity matches that of a 6 year old but she beats my creative age of 4 so the odds may still be in her favour. Oh and she said to roast the pumpkin seeds.

3. Robin

The message was short but sweet.  It’s always the quiet ones who hide their game, so I think we all need to keep our eyes on the Robin.

4. Redbluebird

Bluebird’s American and says she’s ‘terrible’ at pumpkin carving. Mmmmhhmm, is this just a ploy to distract us? It’s in her blood. One to watch.

5. Dogsarentkids

The message was clear ‘I AM American, so watch your back foreigner.’ I’m now expecting a super sized pumpkin that sends a bat signal into the sky.

6. The infernal infertile

She’s fiery and she’s got fighter talk. While she may not be American and her country might not even have pumpkins, she’s pretty damn sure she’s going to win.

7. New To IVF

New To IVF caved when she saw the lame award. Good thing too because we’re looking forward to seeing that pumpkin!

8. Fertility Doll

That would be me. I’m in it for the drill and to earn a Blue Peter badge.

And over on Twitter the very delightful @ivfpincushion , @cantchoosewhen and @mandy_j1 have joined in too!

Final reveal…

DRUM ROLL PLEASE.. the judge (she’s easily bribed)…

 I’ll judge!! I love Halloween!  although, my decision making skills are shit.Immotile Turtle 

Helpful links to get you started..

If you love this idea, please reblog Betty’s original post to invite your bloggy friends to join in too!

Catch us on Twitter: #IFpumpkinsmackdown (serious hashtag for serious people like us)

Halloween Pumpkins - Nightmare Before Christmas


I opened Pandora's box and infertility entered my life.

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19 comments on “Pumpkins, infertiles and cackles
  1. barrenbetty says:

    Ahahahaha!! I LOVE this.

  2. newtoivf says:

    This is AWESOME! Ahhh, our Graham!

  3. dogsarentkids says:

    It’s on.

  4. Robin says:

    Omg – your post has me nervous now. I am quite. Been told I’m sneaky good. Like a ninja. But will my pumpkin win? will i buy a pumpkin in time? will i carve it too thin so that the teeth make the nose fall in? time will tell…. muhhahhahaaaaaaaa

    • Oh the mind games! Tbh at first I couldn’t work out whether you were real or not because of the site. I was like ‘oooh is this a link ghost?’ but then I solved the mystery like Scooby Doo and found you on Twitter. And I’m glad I did 🙂

      • Robin says:

        Who me? I’m real. And I have a pumpkin and I hope the carving angels are on my side tonight as I put knife to pulp and work some magic. Lol. I really dont know what I’ll do, but I’m trying to sound confident. 🙂 Is it working?

  5. This sounds awesome! And like so much fun!

    • I think we all need a distraction and some fun. Did you see the links I posted on your blog? 😀

      • Yes just saw them! How adorable is that?! How did you find it?? And speaking of fun…this is definitely it! I will try to join in but if I can’t I would love to be a judge or something!

      • I love Etsy and I was looking for ayatul kursi for my wall. Then stumbled on those and thought ‘how cute!’ I’m sure ImmotileTurtle will happily let you judge with her – maybe you can help her with the categories. I’ll leave it with you to contact her 😀

  6. LOVE it!

    It is on like Donkey Kong… (which is something else that means nothing to me but sounds cool…)

    You will all walk in the garden of my turbulence!!

    Now. Where do I get a pumpkin from…

  7. dogsarentkids says:

    Reblogged this on Dogs Aren't Kids and commented:
    Don’t forget about the Twitter #IFpumpkinsmackdown!

  8. […] you are not, Barren Betty explains all about the idea on her blog, and Fertility Doll’s blog lists the current […]

  9. Reblogged this on you can't choose when and commented:
    I’m glad we’re finding ways to have fun with the tough holidays. Still probably going to turn off the lights and close my curtains though!

  10. […] the beautiful, insane and almost-always drunk Fertility Doll and Barren Betty have started a pumpkin carving contest. Join […]

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