IFpumpkinsmackdown – contenders list update!

Betty, Turtle and I are absolutely thrilled by how this has taken a life of its own. There are 21 22 23 contenders!!! We didn’t exactly come up with a marketing plan and honestly Betty and I thought it’d end up just being us two but boy are we glad you’ve all joined in! Before I share the updated list of contenders, I want to share a tweet that made me smile because it’s EXACTLY why we launched this..

I’m sharing contender list updates 1) so we can keep track 2) so you can all get to know each other.

Pumpkin badass bitches (or erm contenders.. sorry got a bit excited there)

1. Mel a.k.a. Lollipop Goldstein

Wahey! Mel from Stirrup Queens is joining in and we CANNOT wait to see her pumpkin!

2. IVFfervescent

Even though we’re hours ahead of the Aussies, IVFfervescent has somehow managed to not only buy a pumpkin but drill it, stab it with menopur needles and make a video while we were sleeping. WTF! The competition is officially ON!

3. IVF Baby Bondi

Can she steal the Aussie crown from IVFfervescent? We’re waiting to see. YES WE ARE CHALLENGING YOU TO!

4. Auclairedelalune

Living in beautiful France, she’s only got mini-pumpkins to carve but they might just be the crème de la crème of the bunch.

5. Bianca J

As a South African in Spring there’s barely a pumpkin in sight but Bianca has embraced the Halloween spirit! She might be off jet setting across the world but when she’s in St.Lucia she plans to get stuck in. Hats off to Bianca! 🙂

6. Napitynaps

Sarah loves NicoleSherzy. Are we in for a Pussy Cat Dolls screaming pumpkin?

7. AssistFertility

She loves Halloween and her house is already decorated. Wanna see the potential competition? Take a peek here.

8. JackieA32

Watch out she believes in ‘fight dirty by flinging the pumpkin innards.’ So violent! 😉

9. Sam

‘October just got interesting’ – indeed it did because Sam’s going to blow us away with her carving skills #nopressure

10. Waitingforthesquirt/Canchoosewhen/Waiting mom (just 1 person!)

This lovely lady bought a can of pureed pumpkin to get in the mood. Errrr ok then! Hehe. She’s on Twitter spying on you all. Just sayin’. If you want to spy on her, she can be found over on this side of cyberspace. 

11. Notpregnantandpissed

She HATES (yes, in capitals) carving pumpkins but she says a sharp knife sounds good to her. Hmmm is this the start of a Criminal Minds episode? “Serial Pumpkin Attacker”

12. Barren Betty

Betty’s in it to win it. The fact she’s being let loose with knives and a drill scares me a bit. I hope Mr Betty has insured the house.

13. Lamentingthelentil

Lentil says her creativity matches that of a 6 year old but she beats my creative age of 4 so the odds may still be in her favour. Oh and she said to roast the pumpkin seeds.

14. Robin

The message was short but sweet.  It’s always the quiet ones who hide their game, so I think we all need to keep our eyes on the Robin.

15. Redbluebird

Bluebird’s American and says she’s ‘terrible’ at pumpkin carving. Mmmmhhmm, is this just a ploy to distract us? It’s in her blood. One to watch.

16. Dogsarentkids

The message was clear ‘I AM American, so watch your back foreigner.’ I’m now expecting a super sized pumpkin that sends a bat signal into the sky.

17. The infernal infertile

She’s fiery and she’s got fighter talk. While she may not be American and her country might not even have pumpkins, she’s pretty damn sure she’s going to win.

18. New To IVF

New To IVF caved when she saw the lame award. Good thing too because we’re looking forward to seeing that pumpkin!

19. Mandyj1

I don’t want to scare you all but she’s pretty damn good at interior design, if that translates into a pumpkin we have issues!

20. IVFpincushion

Looking at her profile, no clues.. we have a wildcard!!

21. Fertility Doll

That would be me. I’m in it for the drill and to earn a Blue Peter badge.

22. Mylifeasacasestudy

I closed the curtains and locked up this post but then she snuck in here like a ninja. Last but no way least is Ms Beautimous Uterus.

23. Footballparky

Guess who won her 50,000th tweet? She’ll keep you guessing! Did she make a pumpkin or didn’t she? You’ll just have to see.


Now, if this is the first time you’ve come across IFpumpkinsmackdown, you’ll want to read Betty’s blog for what it is and how to join in.

Immotile Turtle is still Queen judge and we did cartwheels when Kiftsgate offered to provide REAL prizes for two categories all the way from Japan. Made me all mushy inside to see us all come together .. someone pass me (the hormonal woman) a tissue!

We’ve decided entries will be shared on Betty’s blog so make sure you’re following her. I’ll be tweeting random pumpkin fun throughout the week (as a bloody good distraction from IF and work).

Thanks to everyone who has left comments of awesome support, reblogged, tweeted and liked. We hope you’re enjoying it as much as we are.

For now I’ll leave you our very first entry.. IVFfervescents masterpiece..

IVFfervescent's Pumpkin - IFpumpkinsmackdown

Happy carving! 😉

P.s If I missed you off the list or if you want to be removed, leave a comment below please. x


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14 comments on “IFpumpkinsmackdown – contenders list update!
  1. kiftsgate says:

    SO COOL!!! Can’t wait to see all the pictures!!

  2. Hey I signed up on Betty’s post! Please add me to the list!

  3. Mwah ah ah… have come up with new evil strategy to defeat you all… wait until I see all the pictures THEN carve my pumpkin!!

    Still have to learn how to carve pumpkins though. Oh. And get a pumpkin.

  4. Luna says:

    This is fun. I can’t wait to see them all.

  5. […] participating in Pumpkin Smackdown! and I just couldn’t be more excited. But the pressure is on…I really have to put some […]

  6. marwil says:

    Have fun! great idea, love how it took a life of its own and that so many are joining in 🙂

  7. tinadayo says:

    Love this idea of the IFpumpkinsmackdown & just wanted to leave a comment here saying: I can’t wait to carve my pumpkin (already drew a design on it, tomorrow I’ll get carving).

  8. […] big thanks to Barren Betty and Fertility Doll for coming up with the Pumpkin Smackdown competition idea!  If you haven’t already carved […]

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