Emma Cannon donates a prize to #IFpumpkinsmackdown – yay!

Woah so much has happened in a week! To our delight fertility expert and author, Emma Cannon, donated a copy of her book ‘Total Fertility‘ as one of the category prizes! ‘Which category?’ I hear you ask. Wait for Betty’s update on prizes! Receiving the news felt like sunshine and love sent our way. We are soo very grateful!

Emma Cannon Total Fertility

Emma Cannon’s ‘The Baby Making Bible’ was the first book that I bought on this journey because she specialises in Traditional Chinese Medicine/acupuncture but also balances it with western medicine. Quite quickly I began to understand my body type, pinpointed that I was blood deficient and found the motivation to make change. She inspired me to quit my job, reevaluate my lifestyle and focus on my health. After six months, I went back to work both physically and mentally stronger. Looking back the changes were simple.  I ditched Starbucks coffee for nettle tea, quit skipping meals and stepped off the treadmill but when you’re facing a crisis and you’re stuck in a routine changes can be hard to make. The book was my coach.

Recently I randomly got into a discussion with a fellow Tweep over on Twitter about book recommendation for infertility, two of us suggested ‘The Baby Making Bible’ and then Emma initiated a conversation. She offered to help us identify our body types and to answer questions. She was genuine and provided the kind of human touch that often feels missing from the clinical and salesy infertility world. Her compassion made me one of her biggest fans.

Highly recommend following Emma Cannon on Twitter

I am incredibly jealous of whoever wins the book because I bet the kitchen section is heavenly! This tweet by @willowbean83 proves it ..

@Willowbean83 -Emma Cannon's recipe

Emma Cannon has fertility rooms (a practice) in London, to find out more visit her website. You’ll also find some of her recipes listed there. For those of you who love her books, you’ll be happy to know she’s writing another one! I’m really hoping it’s a fertility cookbook.

So Ladies, if you want to win ‘Total Fertility’.. check Betty’s update (coming soon) and then get carving! 😀 


I opened Pandora's box and infertility entered my life.

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12 comments on “Emma Cannon donates a prize to #IFpumpkinsmackdown – yay!
  1. that is soo great! spreading happiness and postive energy when most needed is indeed worth praising for!

  2. newtoivf says:

    This is so so cool you got Emma Cannon in on #IFpumpkinsmackdown! I love the baby making Bible. Well done girls xx

  3. Super Man says:

    It’s great that Emma Cannon responded to Fertility Doll and Barren Betty’s posts. As FD’s hubby I was really touched by the personal response.

    On a more important note, FD has been coerced into making me a batch of those delicious Emma Cannon flapjacks!

  4. OMG!! That is so amazing. I’ll forever be grateful to you ladies for pulling this competition together, such a wonderful distraction from the sadness that touches our everyday lives – and it’s just awesome for you to get this kind of recognition!

    Still have to buy that bloody pumpkin… but now there’s even MORE pressure to do a good job!


  5. […] You are about to view my entry 2. Emma Cannon is donating a copy of her book Total Fertility!!! The lucky person who wins the Infertility/Fertility Pumpkin Award shall be the lucky recipient […]

  6. […] If you don’t know what I’m talking about (Who are you? Where have you been?!) you can read all about it here and you can read about some of the awesome prizes on offer here and here. […]

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