IVF #2: Post egg collection update – 6 eggs, puking and trying to think glass half full

Thank you soo much for all the well wishes this morning. I couldn’t reply but it felt so good reading them after. Apparently I woke from sedation saying ‘eggs’ again. I think it’s because I fell asleep staring at the operation lamp that looked like an embryo dividing. I remember the Anaesthetists making small talk with me and then knocking me out while Dr Oracle appeared to do the egg collection. That or I was hallucinating it was him to comfort myself. I can’t get used to all these strangers getting a view of my vagina.

Dr Oracle looked a little sad when he came to see me after egg collection. I could see the disappointment in his eyes, like he’d personally failed me. He had hoped for 9 eggs and even I was baffled that my plentiful follies were empty. I’m not obsessed with numbers, since the last time I got 12 and they didn’t get me anywhere but I know with PCO there’s a chance some of my eggs won’t be mature and some won’t fertilise. I’m also worried because we lowered my dose considerably for a couple of days of stimming. When I thanked him later he said, ‘No don’t thank me, I haven’t done anything. You can thank me when we get a heartbeat.’ I thought that was sweet and very glass half full.

This time even with few eggs, egg collection hit me completely. I felt seriously faint when I tried getting up, super sore and I managed to puke up too. How graceful! Apparently if you’re not a big drinker (alcohol), it’s quite common to puke up.

I am disheartened slightly and worried but at this point I can’t change the outcome. It is what it is. I can only pray that a few of those eggs will tango amazingly with Super Man’s sperm. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow. I am grateful for IVF but my God this is a lot to go through. At any given moment, there’s a possibility of falling apart spectacularly. Someone keep the glue ready.

Ps I plan to catch up with comments later tonight – once I’ve eaten the world. I’m so hungry!!


I opened Pandora's box and infertility entered my life.

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30 comments on “IVF #2: Post egg collection update – 6 eggs, puking and trying to think glass half full
  1. Thanks for letting us know how your retrieval went. I felt so nauseous after my retrieval. I think I would’ve felt better if I had been sick! My fingers are crossed that your recovery goes well and that you get some great embryos!

    • I love the crochet turtle! It’s so cute! Thanks for leaving a little note here and for the well wishes. I woke up thinking I was fine – even ate a sandwich but then as soon as I stood up the motion triggered it. I felt sorry for the other women who heard me vomit :/

  2. Good luck. I’ll be awaiting the results of your embabies.

  3. kiftsgate says:

    Oh hon, I’m sorry you felt sick . Hope you are recovering little by little. I also hope you can get a good dinner without feeling sick tonight so you get some strength back! I am cheering for these 6 eggs and hoping they are dancing a great tango. I found a chicken and egg tango video online (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4YvbtEuLdQ) but no sperm and egg one.. I wonder why… Hope we won’t need any glue!! Big hug. xx

    • I love this! Maybe we need to invent the sperm and egg tango! I will tell Super Man that is now our objective for learning tango. I hope we don’t need any glue too but you know I’ve learned that keeping some handy would probably be wise.

  4. marwil says:

    Ugh, I was sick once after egg collection, no fun. Hope it goes away soon and that you recover quickly. Sorry you didn’t get as many eggs as you hoped for. I have so much hope for the ones you did get though! Hang in there. And update whenever you are ready.

  5. oof, pukey, I hope you recover soon. I upchucked after egg retrieval, alllll over the parking lot. Hoping hard for you!!

    • I’m glad that someone else has! I felt so embarrassed as the women in the other cubicles could hear me. I think it’s maybe because I don’t eat enough in the run up.

  6. Sorry you’ve been feeling rough hon…I knew my copious drinking would help me someday!
    I got 6 eggs last time and got 4 blastos so will keep my fingers crossed for you xx

  7. Smile says:

    Ugh, I hate throwing up more than anything (but would gladly do it if it was for the pregnancy reason) – who knew that my copious drinking of the wine actually helps me out in that regard for retrieval! Seriously though, will be sending positive vibes and energy to those 6 fabulous eggs for great fertilization and growth!

    • Haha! Yeah, it’s a funny fact that I thought some of you would appreciate. “It’s purely as egg collection prep, Dear. Totally medical.” Good vibes appreciated, bounce around and send them to the heart of London. ❤

  8. My Journey says:

    Okay, yeah, I hear you on not being okay with strangers staring at my crotch! Everyone tells me I won’t care soon, but I still care! My retrieval is Friday.. Do I need to shave down there? No laughing, I was actually wondering this!

    • I’m sorry.. I had to laugh. Can I put this out as a vote on Twitter? … Kidding 😀 Well, I was actually wondering what others do while I sat in the waiting room. Let’s just say I cleaned it up. My friend joked that I should shape it to say “TLC” as a message to the doctor.

  9. redbluebird says:

    I’m sorry you didn’t get as many eggs as you had hoped. Your doctor sounds invested in the outcome, which is nice. I have my fingers crossed for a great fertilization report and also… for a baby at the end of all this!

    • Yeah, I do love Dr Oracle. I can tell he works hard, even the nurses comment on it. ‘Oh you’re Dr Oracle’s private patient. You’re in good hands.’ I sure pray that tomorrow brings some light. There will be a lot of hormonal head banging against a wall if it doesn’t.

  10. Ugh, retrieval is the worst! I hope you feel better soon. You are doing ICSI, right? That should give you some good fertilization numbers! Fingers crossed for you hon!

    • I am but I have this horrid feeling it’s my eggs. Every time Super Man’s semen is checked they say the quality is great. I keep thinking what if my eggs just don’t have that vava voom energy that they need.

      I’ll stop thinking now. It doesn’t help.

      Ps Is everything ok with you?

      • Yes, doing okay. There are moments of joy, but it’s mostly worrying. I hear you on the egg quality–that is our problem. The good news is that there are things that can be done to improve it, but ICSI may be just the thing for you! Holding you in my heart as you wait. xoxo

  11. Lisette says:

    You poor thing, sounds so rough. I am glad you were sedated for EC though, I think that’s way more humane. I am praying for fabulous results hun, thinking of you all the time. Hang in there xxx

    • I can’t imagine being awake for it. I’d find it traumatising. I was wired up and left for a bit before they sedated me. I felt really vulnerable. I’d rather be sedated and puking, than left to witness that. Thank you for all the luck and prayers – I really do appreciate them. ❤

  12. Sending love and good thoughts your way…you are such a brave strong woman, that alone should be celebrated and never overlooked.

  13. I keep Doing the cha cha dance (my rhythm) for you and me, xoxo😊

  14. theauthoress says:

    I will be praying for you! Hey – how can I send you a private message? Email? Thanks!

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