IVF #2: Fertilisation report – ICSI worked!

I don’t want to get into the details just yet because if I learned one thing from IVF #1 it was DON’T COUNT YOUR CHICKS BEFORE THEY HATCH <<-click the link to see an awesome pic by Livenerddierepeat.,.. I can’t be a dick and pull it into my blog.

We have days to go to see what happens. DAYS! I don’t know if they have the vavavoom needed to divide but I sure hope they do! Tango little cells… tango the night away. I feel like I don’t want to sit in one space and not be active in case they feel me doing that across London and in turn become inactive and lazy… yes, I am a loon. 

I have been praying so hard that I think a part of the prayer mat is indented on my forehead. I’m in constant conversations with God. At this point it’s all I can do.

I am on edge. I really hate this part of IVF.

Most of all I really don’t want to hear from the clinic. No news is good news in this case. Please don’t let me hear from them again.

Thanks all for supporting while I’m going through shades of crazy on this end. 

Ps On a positive note progesterone injection didn’t give me cramps like the Cyclogest pessaries did. Just a sore butt. Oh the joys of IVF!


I opened Pandora's box and infertility entered my life.

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27 comments on “IVF #2: Fertilisation report – ICSI worked!
  1. kiftsgate says:

    Yey!! Glad that ICSI worked! So far so good. And IVF isnreally one step at a time.. Also glad that the progesterone injections are working well. Sorry for your butt but it’ll recover. Still have everything crossed for you!!! xx

  2. hopingonhope says:

    Kun Faya Kun. It will happen!!

  3. Smile says:

    Yes! This part of IVF is so insanely stressful, sending you calm, peaceful and anxiety reducing thoughts from across the ocean.

    • Thank you, Smile. Sorry my reply is late! Post egg collection pain kicked in and I couldn’t sit at my laptop. I am trying to stay zen… actually thinking of the ocean helps.

  4. barrenbetty says:

    COME ON EMBIES!!!!!!!!!! I’m gonna light ma big yellow candle for them soon as it gets dark 😀 xxxxx

    • I didn’t get to leave a ❤ here for you because I was too busy dying from pain on the sofa. You've got me singing 'This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine..'

  5. Very pleased all good so far hon. Am keeping everything crossed and sending you lots of calming zen vibes. ..This part is so hard xx

    • It’s so hard but we have to push on! I am praying your follies catch up over this weekend and are all ripe and ready on Monday. I have high hopes on the IMSI for you.

  6. Little Wife says:

    I hope it is the first of many many many good news !

    • Hello! I am going to have to start learning french because of you. I am taking your hope and keeping it tight in my pockets. We will just have to see. Nothing is ever given.

  7. Lisette says:

    Crossing fingers, toes, eyes and ovaries hun. Sooooo hopeful! xx

  8. My Journey says:

    Glad to hear the PIO injection wasn’t too horrible. I’m dreading those…. Praying for you!

    • Just popped over to your blog and saw your update. Rest up lots! The pain kicked in a couple of days late for me and I stupidly thought I was ok. Really praying for your fert report x

  9. steph50 says:

    Come in little embies!!! Can’t wait to read about their progress!!

  10. taylor says:

    I am thinking ALL the good thoughts for you!

  11. Sending positive wishes you way

  12. So far so good! Hoping they all keep going!!! Wishing you nothing but the best.

  13. YES!!! So so so glad you had better results with ICSI. Grow embies grow!

    • That in itself for me was heaven’s doors opening and light shining down on me – that the ICSI worked. At least I know if I have to do this again, there is some sort of hope alive.

      Ps You haven’t written in a while. I hope you and Baby A are ok x

      • I think we are–I won’t get another u/s for three more weeks! Trying hard not to be super nervous. Failing miserably. Fingers crossed for your transfer! So exciting!!!

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