Sperm donor seeks you | A fertility gift

A Fertility Gift

By: Tess Murphy

One Man’s Story on why he decided to become a sperm donor

Since I've been blogging I've watched women seek egg donors but I've never witnessed a sperm donor seeking a female or a 
couple to assist on their journey. That's why when this came through to my inbox I felt that I needed to share it. I am in no way 
affiliated to this but I'm curious and hopeful that this could lead to a woman or couple having their dream of becoming parents 
come true. You might read it and want to know more about the donor's motive, you might think it's too good to be true or you 
might find that you're interested. In any case, the guest author Tess Murphy has left her details to answer your questions or feel 
free to post them below- M, Fertility Doll 

When I was hired to manage a project that could positively change a woman’s life, I couldn’t wait to start sharing the opportunity. At first, I was confronted with a lot of skepticism, and I soon realized that the reality of life is to question when something seems too good to be true. So I decided to write a bit about why this project exists.

The donor, let’s call him J, went through every parent’s worst nightmare when he lost a child. Instead of letting this trauma envelope him in grief, he decided to use this experience to change his life for the better. He started a company, got married and moved forward. But J believes that to fully move on from the trauma, he needs to know that there is a child out there of his who is happy and fulfilled. While he is not ready to raise a child of his own, the knowledge of this child will help him to feel “free of pain and move beyond the hurt” so he can give the best of himself to those who care about him. So what did J do to solve this? He reflected, meditated and gathered resources. Through the assistance of a law firm and fertility center, he created this gift, and decided to become a sperm donor.

J’s gift goes beyond “the gift of life;” in addition to being a woman’s sperm donor he would like to fund her fertility treatments and a trust fund for the child. J didn’t want to be just any donor: he wanted to help out a woman who has never been able to have a child, for either personal or financial reasons. J believes everyone who wants a family, deserves one. He wants the woman who accepts this type of support to be adventurous to take such a gift, responsible enough to raise a child, and empathetic enough to understand his journey. Other than that, he really just wants a woman who wants to be a mother, whether she is married, single or in a partnership. As he explains in his letter of intent: “I’d like to be able to meet the child some time, so that he can know something about me, but in that case, it would be completely up to you and your child to cultivate a relationship with me. All I ask is that the child be loved, supported and encouraged to be an individual, hopefully like her/his mom.”

I’ve taken on this project because I really believe in the donor’s cause and the ability of this gift to positively impact someone’s life. We are still looking for the right woman to embark on this life changing journey, and I am hopeful that this blog post will bring her to me. To apply for this gift, or to ask any questions, feel free to email me, Tess Murphy, at fertilitysf@gmail.com. I am also available by Skype for further questions at tessmurphy3.

Download the application form

About the Author: Tess Murphy lived in Melbourne, Australia for a year and wrote for Melbourne 3000 Magazine. After returning to the United States and interning for several nonprofits she was hired as a consultant for an IVF project through AdoptSF law firm. Her extensive international travel and work experience have led her to have a passion in international development and women’s rights.

I opened Pandora's box and infertility entered my life.

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3 comments on “Sperm donor seeks you | A fertility gift
  1. kiftsgate says:

    Reblogged this on Today I hope and commented:
    Here is a very touching donor offer from a man. It always amazes me when I hear of people offering to donate. I hope this guy will manage to make someone’s dream come true.

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