Infertility and Islam

This is for my Muslim sisters. I spotted this post about infertility in Islam on Facebook by Imam Omar Suleiman. I spent many years feeling punished and that as a woman it was my fault. That was until I read that a child is a wordly gift. It was then I realised it was instead a test for both of us and I started to accept that we may never have a child. That it may never be written for us. I guess in a way that was my ultimate submission to Allah’s will. I stopped being angry with Him and I just prayed that He would give me the strength to deal with it with grace.

InshaAllah I hope the post lightens the burden on your heart.  The part about adoption might make you think ‘why do people always suggest it as a replacement?’ but I think Omar Suleiman is just raising awareness that adoption can be an option in Islam. There are some interesting questions in the comments section too.

Facebook  post by Omar Suleiman


I opened Pandora's box and infertility entered my life.

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3 comments on “Infertility and Islam
  1. I am not Muslim but am so happy to see greater support for adoption. We are adopting from Ethiopia and couldn’t be happier. There are so many kids out there who need wonderful parents!!

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Oh, what a power is motherhood, possessing
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~ Euripides, Iphigenia in Aulis, c. 405 B.C.

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