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Sneak preview of prizes and a big thank you!

I’ve been busy getting together some of the prizes to send to Betty – note that these aren’t the final prizes.. just a glimpse of what’s planned. Betty’s been busy making some incredible additions (we all know how creative she


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Pumpkin Smackdown 2013 – the Results Show!!!

If you haven’t already been spammed by Turtle and Betty’s feed and you’re dying to know the winners of #IFPumpkinsmackdown then this post is for you. Congratulations to all the contenders because I believe you all just participated in the

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Pumpkin Smackdown 2013 – the Grand Final!!!

If you want a dose of IF pumpkin awesomeness, this is it.

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#IFPumpkinsmackdown – my entry: “The day my ovaries came to life”

Tada! Inspired by Día de Muertos (Day of the dead) And lit without the fancy head gear- because I figured it all looked highly flammable and I am not to be trusted with fire..

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Emma Cannon donates a prize to #IFpumpkinsmackdown – yay!

Woah so much has happened in a week! To our delight fertility expert and author, Emma Cannon, donated a copy of her book ‘Total Fertility‘ as one of the category prizes! ‘Which category?’ I hear you ask. Wait for Betty’s

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Pumpkin recipes (courtesy of the BBC)

Did you know that pumpkin seeds are high in zinc and a good source of essential fatty acids as well as protein? Pumpkin itself is rich in Vitamin A which is said to be good for maturing follicles and cervical

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IFpumpkinsmackdown – contenders list update!

Betty, Turtle and I are absolutely thrilled by how this has taken a life of its own. There are 21 22 23 contenders!!! We didn’t exactly come up with a marketing plan and honestly Betty and I thought it’d end up just

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Pumpkins, infertiles and cackles

You NEED to read this! Pumpkins + Infertiles  (pregnant ones included) + Barren Betty with a drill= A WHOLE LOT OF FUN! This could go horribly well for some of us and tragically wrong for others. Either way we’re all going

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Pumpkin competition

That’s right folks.. it’s time to have some girly fun! You know you want to.

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Scribbles of a not-so-fertile

Part 1: Bermuda.

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Oh, what a power is motherhood, possessing
A potent spell. All women alike
Fight fiercely for a child.

~ Euripides, Iphigenia in Aulis, c. 405 B.C.

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