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Emma Cannon donates a prize to #IFpumpkinsmackdown – yay!

Woah so much has happened in a week! To our delight fertility expert and author, Emma Cannon, donated a copy of her book ‘Total Fertility‘ as one of the category prizes! ‘Which category?’ I hear you ask. Wait for Betty’s

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Emotionally wiped.

I’m too tired to write here properly today but I’ll leave a para that I wrote to a lovely soul. “The universe needs a good spanking!!! I was busy trying to find ways to soothe the soul yesterday. In the

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Back to class: Aviva Method

Infertility + Exercise + PCOS + Prolactin = ARGH I’ve never been a sporty kind of girl. Well apart from my love for hockey at school because I had a stick and I thought I looked badass. That’s why over

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Is that a stork?

Over the weekend we did the 5k Race for Life (one thing off my summer list). The day started with thunder and it was raining but it was touching to see how many women still turned up to participate. Especially

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Aviva Method: One .. two.. three.. strike.

Clenching. Bending. Stretching. Grooving to the odd Aviva playlist lightens my mood. I still have 10 exercises to learn and I think I may need to Skype Sofia from Aviva London soon to ask her to remind me of a

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I did this the other night whilst sitting in bed. Didn’t realise how much tension is the ears! I thought Mr Husband was going to give me his ‘You crazy woman!’ look but instead he said ‘Want to massage mine?’

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The Aviva Method – battling PCOS & infertility with exercise

Last Sunday, I took a trip across London to attend an Aviva Method Workshop in High Street Kensington. It took everything in me to make the journey but it was well worth it. The Aviva Method consists of 18 natural

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The crash

There’s so much I’ve been meaning to write and share about the last alternative therapy session I had but it’s going to have to wait. This week my body crashed – all I want to do is eat and sleep.

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Fertility Massage: Femoral (Randine Lewis)

I was just reading The Infertility Cure and trying to teach myself the Fermoral Massage (directs blood to the ovaries and uterus.. should only be done before ovulation). I found my pulse but wanted to make sure I was doing

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GH4L Session 1: A machine that could pick up on my emotions

I have always been bemused by the fact that as… women, we spend longer planning the nursery for the baby, than our bodies. Obstetrician G Moth (The Baby Making Bible) I’ve started seeing Thea, my friend’s mum who is an

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Oh, what a power is motherhood, possessing
A potent spell. All women alike
Fight fiercely for a child.

~ Euripides, Iphigenia in Aulis, c. 405 B.C.

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