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I thought I’d t…

I thought I’d tell you because you might notice the bump when I next see you. The joys of having one of your closest friends tell you that she’s five months pregnant. She might as well have called me in

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The kiddies mailing lists

The curse of the struggling-to-win-back-their-fertility. Not only is everyone popping babies out like ping pong balls in a Thai show but you’re also having to order a lot of congratulatory gifts. Which means inevitably you end up on some marketers

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Mo’s LOLcat.. which made me LOL

To my newly pregnant blogger friends – don’t take it personally, I can cope with hearing your news and I’m genuinely happy that you’ve made it to the other side. These are just the emotions of an infertile – we’re

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Just Kidding!

Originally posted on Black Panty Salvation:
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@UtsavFashion- Customer satisfaction? Pft. Oh the irony.

Okay this isn’t infertility related. This is something that’s been making my blood boil over the past month (and probably increasing my prolactin too). I bought two suits from Utsav Fashion (spending A LOT) – waited weeks for the suits

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4 things I hate about my job

With four days to go until I give up work in an attempt to help my ovaries, I thought I should vent some frustrations by writing four things I hate about my job. Number 1: MICROMANAGEMENT Number 2: MICROMANAGEMENT Number

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Is WordPress mocking me? Suggested tagging

I hit 45 posts and when I wrote the last one on my temperature plummeting and general TTC failure, suggested tagging popped up.

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Don’t ignore infertility: pregnancy support vs infertility support

This morning I had to visit the doctor’s (again). As I waited in the small silent room, I glanced around and found that I was bombarded with pregnancy posters. I sat there with Carrie Bradshaw’s voice in my head asking

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“Have you looked into IV…

“Have you looked into IVF?”

‘Helpful’ question of the month.. I don’t get asked if I’ve tried Metformin or Clomid.. they jump straight into IVF and adoption. Gah.

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The Baby Comedown

Infertility can feel like you are running a marathon without knowing how much further you have to run or even if there is a finish line ahead. – The Fertility Garden This morning I thought I was facing a ‘baby comedown.’

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Oh, what a power is motherhood, possessing
A potent spell. All women alike
Fight fiercely for a child.

~ Euripides, Iphigenia in Aulis, c. 405 B.C.

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