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The Day 33 Curse

I started spotting on Friday and I knew it was game over. I just waited for the blood to arrive. I wrote “I’m at 16DPO with a temp dropping ever so slowly. After 16 decent temperatures, most women would test

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Lucky chickens

I was yapping away at acupuncture telling my fairy godmother about the lovely egg I saw on the scan, when I spotted these chickens on her shelf. She asked if I wanted them because she felt these chickens and their

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HyCoSy, husband & gratitude

What was it like when you started your infertility medical investigations and journey? I feel like I’ve just graduated to the big girls club and that this shit just got real (as if it wasn’t real enough before). The HyCoSy 

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First fertility appointment with the NHS

Writing this while I wait to be seen by a gynaecologist. It’s a beautiful day, the hospital is creepily quiet and it’s the first time I’ve seen the car park empty. I’m reflecting on this journey, determined to believe that

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Back to class: Aviva Method

Infertility + Exercise + PCOS + Prolactin = ARGH I’ve never been a sporty kind of girl. Well apart from my love for hockey at school because I had a stick and I thought I looked badass. That’s why over

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One of those cycles – y’know the type you just want to be over already

Well, last week was pants. I don’t have a more eloquent word to describe it. This is one of those cycles where I’m like ‘FFS! You aren’t playing nicely so end already.’ I was ill with cystitis again. My worst

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Why does ovulation find the need to play hide and seek with me??

Last week was intense emotionally and that brought on a whole lot of *coughs* moments of an intimate kind. Having looked at my Duo Fertility charts, I could predict that when my cycle was behaving, I’d ovulate around day 12

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Aviva Method: One .. two.. three.. strike.

Clenching. Bending. Stretching. Grooving to the odd Aviva playlist lightens my mood. I still have 10 exercises to learn and I think I may need to Skype Sofia from Aviva London soon to ask her to remind me of a

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Anovulatory cycle – my very own K2

Just as things were getting better with my cycles, K2 was placed before me and all I can do is stare at it. The anovulatory cycle. I’ve been trying really hard that it just feels like a… I guess a

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Human me.

I haven’t been blogging because it’s that time of the month and I’ve been so focused on just getting through the week. I needed quiet time and space to just inhale and exhale. I’ve been silently reading and absorbing. I’m

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Oh, what a power is motherhood, possessing
A potent spell. All women alike
Fight fiercely for a child.

~ Euripides, Iphigenia in Aulis, c. 405 B.C.

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