GH4L Session 2: About last week’s session

So, I was connected up to the bio-resonance machine again. This time it picked up that I had spent too long at my computer… oops! Damn that thing for being spot on. My reply was denial of course ‘No, I’m not addicted to the net.. I only spend say.. a couple of hours? Okay.. maybe double that.. argh okay I was attached to my computer last night!’ Apparently I need to sleep with all electronics out of the room.. yeah, that’s not going to happen for a while! Separate from my iPhone? That’s blasphemy. Other than that it picked up new aches, low hormones again (gah!) and the same exhaustion as before. Even my hair was out of balance. All I could think was c’mon give me a break!

We did NAET therapy again – it indicated that I’m not absorbing calcium and egg as well as I should be. We fixed that and stimulated some meridian points. They say it takes two hours for a message to travel across each point and there are twelve points, which means sometimes the affects are slow.

Thea went over my diet and listed some foods I should include. She also gave me a pH food list to help maintain a more alkaline diet (see previous post) and we discussed whether it’s worth me going gluten free. I tend to feel bloated after eating bread, I decided if it doesn’t harm using an alternative then it’s worth seeing if it helps my body. I’ve been trying my best to keep to the greens and veggies but I want lamb.. the word alone is making me drool. Maybe I can drizzle wheat grass all over it to neutralize it.

After the session I was absolutely exhausted and suffered a headache which was real strange because while I was there I felt like I could do cartwheels. The exhaustion is still lingering. I’ve been terrible and haven’t kept a food diary- all I want to do is sleep. I haven’t even tried the new technique I was taught called tapping. Tapping requires its own post. I find it odd.. but I don’t knock it because you just never know.

Today I really did feel as if I’d woken up from a coma, in fact I still feel like a zombie. When I went to the doctor’s I couldn’t correctly count back 23 days to calculate my last period, at the petrol station I managed to splurt petrol all over myself and at acupuncture I fell asleep as soon as she poked me with a needle (which I never do).

All this alternative stuff is making me feel like a new age hippy but in the next few weeks I think I’ll find my balance with it.

Next session is tomorrow, I’m likely to share more new age hippy stuff then.

For those who might be wondering what all of this is about: Session 1

I opened Pandora's box and infertility entered my life.

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One comment on “GH4L Session 2: About last week’s session
  1. I hope it doesn’t all stress you out too much. It could be a good thing you’re so tired though, maybe your body is telling you it needs a lot of rest to recoup. Looking forward to hearing what tapping is haha!

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