IVF #2 Time to get some answers around fertilisation

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. ~ Albert Einstein

First of all, you guys are super sweet for checking in when I was MIA. I’m sorry I didn’t reply to comments, I was trying to hide from my infertility. So, five months later and it’s almost time for cycle 2 (next week hopefully). Do you ever begrudge having to go through a medicated cycle and not miraculously being one of the lucky ones to fall pregnant between the cycles? That’s what I’m currently doing.

This cycle I’ve tried to do things a little differently with nutrition and supplements because last cycle I felt so out of control with it all. I was pushing on to meet the 70g of protein a day, downing wheatgrass and hemp even when it made me feel yuck and juggling supplements I knew little about.

I’ve also made an effort with exercise by starting tango and reformer pilates (the latter is amazing!!) I do feel like my body temperature is somewhat warmer these days – even Super Man commented on it. Usually I’m cold all of the time! Small improvements.

  • Trying short protocol and new lovely consultant. Tick.
  • New supplement and nutrition plan. Tick.
  • Head in a good space. Sort-of-tick.
  • Try not to kill my bosses in the process of juggling. In-progress.
  • Being a bit more zen. Sort-of-tick.
  • Exercise. Tick.
  • Tango. Tick.
  • Blog from the start. Tick.
  • Pray. In progress.

I’m really hoping this cycle has better results than the last. I naively went into IVF #1 thinking ‘Woah I could be pregnant at the end of this!’ This cycle I’m treating it as one big experiment. I need to know whether it’s just a fertilisation issue with sperm or whether it’s my egg quality. I’m half expecting a new ugly revelation to hit me upside the head.

I’ve been debating whether I should blog about this. Bizarrely by sharing it with everyone I feel more under pressure to report back, which is why I internalised the struggle the last time and kept quiet. Well, not this time. I should keep true to this blog and contribute to the IF community. So brace yourselves for a hormone fuelled me. Lucky you.

I’m just asking you all for one thing: don’t ask me when OTD is and when I’ll be peeing on a stick. The last time I didn’t even make it to OTD. Hell I barely created an embryo. This time I want to pretend OTD doesn’t exist. (You can do the math and work it out if you really want to know.)

With the cycle being so close my mind is buzzing. I’m not sure I’ll ever go into a cycle feeling 100% ready but this time I know I’ve done the best I can.

I have two questions:

1. Does anyone know more about switching from long to short protocol and how it might impact egg quality?

2. Has anyone had thin lining? What have you used to boost it?

I opened Pandora's box and infertility entered my life.

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21 comments on “IVF #2 Time to get some answers around fertilisation
  1. Jenn says:

    I know almost nothing about IVF but good to see you! I definitely understand about not wanting to blog every detail. I’m bad at those types of posts, so I probably won’t either. I also promise not to “send you baby dust” or promise you “this is it!” – drives me nuts when people do that.

    Lots of luck to you!

  2. Lisette says:

    Was missing you sweetie, glad you’re back. Wishing you loads of luck this cycle. You’ll be in my thoughts xxx

  3. redbluebird says:

    I’m happy to see a post from you 🙂
    I don’t have experience with IVF, so I won’t attempt to give you any advice. But I did have a pretty thin lining for both of my IUI’s (especially the first). I drank a ton of pomegranate juice (probably did nothing) and started taking l-Arginine after my first IUI. My lining was better (but not great) the second time, so I like to think that worked.
    Sending you SO much luck!!!

    • I’ve been told to take l-arginine but I didn’t realise it’s for lining. Knowing you saw some improvement gives me hope! Btw the fact that you left a little note here means a lot, especially knowing that you’re short on time with a newborn. ❤ x

  4. Michelle says:

    I have read great things about Viagra (has to be vaginal pessaries – not oral tablets) to thicken a thin lining. My Dr has just given me a script for my next cycle. I have read of vitamin E and l-arginine helping but doesn’t seem to do anything for me; just too scared to stop now in case my lining goes even thinner without it. Would love to do an infertility blog as you are doing and have it go out in email to those who are interested but have no idea how! (not quite even sure how you have appeared in mine!)

    • I’m trying to eat more – I’m quite slim and I think this in itself might be an issue. I’m also taking floradix and drinking beetroot juice to see if it works. The girls on Twitter said that clinics like a 10mm lining. Mine is at 7 naturally. Stresses me out a bit but there are stories about women having healthy pregnancies with thin linings.

      You should join wordpress! It’s easy to set up a blog and you can use a widget for people to sign up to receive updates which I think you might have done one to receive mine. The IF community’s also on Twitter, if that makes it easier for you. It’s an easy way to connect and share info.

  5. steph50 says:

    Good luck!!!! Xox

    • I’m sending lots of positive energy your way for IVF #2! I have issues with a thin lining, but haven’t managed to find a miracle solution yet. My RE has had me try Vitamin E, Pentoxifylline, baby aspirin, and oral estrogen. They didn’t work wonders for me, but some studies have shown promising results. I’ve also tried drinking lots of pomegranate juice and eating Brazil nuts as some bloggers have found these helpful. Acupuncture also seems to work great for some women. It helps me stay more positive and relaxed during my cycles, but hasn’t had a dramatic impact on my lining. I’m going to ask my RE about trying out a protocol for neuromuscular electrical stimulation and biofeedback (Madafeiton et al. 2011) that I read about recently. I figure it can’t hurt and might have the added bonus of helping prepare my pelvic floor for pregnancy. I’ll let you know if I end up doing it and if it seems to make a difference. I also found this discussion board on thin endometrium lead by RE’s interesting: http://www.ivf-worldwide.com/physician-to-physician-consult/endometrium/474-a-clinical-case-of-thin-endometrium-in-hormone-replacement-therapy-for-donor-egg.html. I would love to have feedback if you find anything that works for you.

      • I’m hoping this round is your round and that you don’t have to look into lining or face another round! So far on Twitter the girls have been suggesting viagra, acupuncture, the endo scratch and l-arginine. I’m going to be trying baby aspirin, floradix (iron) and beetroot juice along with l-arginine. I was also put on a glass of soy milk to see if it’d make a difference and back on a glass of normal milk – it’s experimental and so we’re yet to see what this month’s period is like. My periods are really scant. I’ve never heard of neuromuscular electrical stimulation for this.

        What’s the perfect measurement? What do your clinic advise? Mine seems content with anything above 6. I’ll of course feedback if this cycle we see an improvement. I think the last IVF I was at 6 just before trigger. Wishing you so much luck in these weeks ❤ x

    • Thank you lady!! 😀 x

  6. kiftsgate says:

    I think it’s hard to tell if switching protocol will give better egg quality. It depends a lot on the person. But if one protocol didn’t work well, it’s good to change. I personally switched from LP to SP (antagonist) from IVF2 to IVF3 and got much much better results.
    For the lining, the only thing I have been told is eating pineapple (including core) before transfer. But that’s for blood flow, not so much for thickening the lining..
    I look forward to reading your updates and I’ll be here cheering for you, without asking questions on pee sticks or test days, promise!
    Wish you lots of luck hun! xx

    • I am sooo thankful for your support and God one way or another I hope us girls make it there. Pretty please let it be our turns soon. I’ve been told to do the pineapple core thing after transfer.

      I’m looking forward to how quick SP is. I’m hoping I’ll bounce back better this time and not going into months of mourning. Best go buy some lucky socks!

  7. Aramis says:

    My first IVF was long protocol, and I ended up being over-suppressed and barely produced any eggs. We cancelled and did an IUI. The switch to a short protocol was, in my case, done to avoid putting me on Lupron for an extended period of time and hence get my ovaries to respond better. It wasn’t so much about egg quality as it was about quantity, although presumably if your ovaries are responding better then quality might be boosted as well. For pure egg quality, though, my RE had me try CoQ10 supplements (didn’t seem to do much) and DHEA (seemed to help more but not enough). Maybe ask about those if you haven’t already?

    • Thanks for flagging CoQ10 and DHEA. I think I’ll ask for DHEA if after this round we find that it is my eggs. I responded really slowly first round, I think that might have affected quality – gah it’s all so complicated!

  8. marwil says:

    Good to see a post from you, sorry things have been tough. But glad you are turning to your blog and the community for support while going through the next round of IVF. It’s hard stuff and you need all support you can get.
    My first IVF was a long protocol but the second and all the following has been the short one. For me, it didn’t make any difference in number of eggs/embryos created. But it was quite a relief not having to be downregulated, I didn’t like that part at all since it was pretty rough on my body. I’ll be here, thinking of you, sending so much good mojo your way. May this be the one that works magic!! xx

  9. Hey lovely, sounds like we’ll be cycle buddies! I’m down regging now but likely to start stimms in next 10 days or so. I promise not to ask any annoying questions or to say ‘my body is doing this how about yours?!’
    As for the blog. ..I think it’s a great thing to let it all out but don’t feel under any pressure to blog or not…just do it as it helps you and know we’re here when you need us xxx

    • I think I’ll be a week ahead of you as I’m going straight to stimms. But yay for cycle buddy! I’m praying that this works for you. Let me know how Lister compare as I might have to switch for next round- we’ll see! I’m glad to have you ladies but I’m just sad that we’re still battling this. 😦 x

  10. Protocol can definitely affect quality, so hopefully switching yours will do the trick! If it does turn out to be a quality issue, there are many things you can try. Estrogen priming is supposed to help with quality, as is human growth hormone. I took CoQ10, melatonin, and Pregnitude with my last cycle to help with quality. Not sure it did anything, as I ended up with the same % of mature eggs. I’ve heard over and over again that acupuncture helps with lining. I did it my last cycle and it definitely helped with stress! Good luck to you lady. xoxo

  11. katherinea12 says:

    I don’t have any good advice on protocols…but thinking of you and wishing you the best of luck.

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