Emotionally wiped.

I’m too tired to write here properly today but I’ll leave a para that I wrote to a lovely soul.

“The universe needs a good spanking!!! I was busy trying to find ways to soothe the soul yesterday. In the end a meditation CD and a nap helped. I figured maybe I was done with crying and that I was ok. Then on the way into work this morn I felt tears streaming down my face and pain in my chest. I just about got my shit together at work (never listen to RHCP Scar Tissue when feeling emo) and had tea to calm myself. But then after work I had to fight the tears again and when I bumped into Super Man at the train station he acted like a jerk. That made me break down on the platform and lo behold I was crying in front of everyone.. cringe. I don’t think I’m ok.”

Somehow I need to find a way to recover from the shock and get back the faith I’ve lost. The timing of this is pants. Rug has been swept from beneath me and I’m struggling. Thank God for tea.

I opened Pandora's box and infertility entered my life.

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13 comments on “Emotionally wiped.
  1. Lisette says:

    Feeling your sadness and exhaustion. This is so unfair and it will take time to heal. Be good to yourself, you need lots of extra love right now. Big hug xx

    • Wise words. It’s easy to scream at our bodies but it’s not the solution. We just pulled short straws. I’ve been doing my best the last couple of days to heed your advice. Thank you ❤

  2. kiftsgate says:

    Sending you a huge virtual hug. I agree with Lisette: it will take time so try to take good care of yourself. But most of all I agree with you: thank God for tea!xx

  3. steph50 says:

    So sorry you’re feeling this way. Be good to yourself, you deserve to! Big hugs xox

  4. me, too. i’m sorry for what you’re going through. i hate all of this.

  5. dogsarentkids says:

    You should install a punching bag in your garage. Problem. Solved.

    I’m on a roll tonight. I’m like the Infertile Oracle.

  6. redbluebird says:

    I’m sorry you’re struggling right now. Take care of yourself. I hope things start to look up soon!

  7. Sadie says:

    Sorry you’re having a tough time right now. Do whatever you need to do to look after you. And yes, thank goodness for tea…and hot chocolate! Big hugs.

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