Why do we write about our infertility in such an open forum?

I was looking at search terms that drive people to Fertility Doll. When I saw people had searched Mina Fertility Doll, it made me panic slightly because I had the sudden thought of someone in my real life network discovering me here.

On Fertility Doll I share the good, the bad and the ugly (and there’s a lot of ugly with infertility). Readers will know my most intimate thoughts; hell they’ll probably start to know my uterus and ovaries better than me. They’ll know about my sex life, why I chose to quit work, my dark days .. . and these aren’t things I publicize on Facebook, yet I share them here. Why?

Because living with infertility is living in excruciating emotional pain. It makes you question everything about yourself, including the past, the present and the future. It shakes your foundations like an earthquake and can test your relationship with your loved one and yourself to breaking point.

Every aspect of my being was challenged: my self-worth, my femininity, my profession, my marriage, my faith. – Randine Lewis

Paulo Coelho quote



I blog to empty my mind, it helps me process everything and gives me a chance to connect with others going through this. I blog in hope that at some moment the universe will conspire to help us (term borrowed from Mr. Coelho), that all the efforts and the sacrifices will push everything into place.

How blogging has helped me..

  1. It helps me step out of the dark side, to see things from a different angle and to keep pushing on.
  2. My non-virtual world friends no longer have to deal with a sombre and depressed me. I’ve found a group of women from all corners of the world to virtually go through this with.
  3. I have learned more about PCOS, IVF and IUI through bloggers than through Google.
  4. I’ve learned about new methods to try to balance hormones and all that other good stuff you have to consider when facing this.
  5. It’s taught me patience.
  6. I can now cope with most pregnancy announcements/baby showers from my real world (as silly as it sounds).

So, I’m going to leave this post pinned for those in my real world who stumble on me and get curious about how open I am in this space.

If Frodo can get the ring to mordor

Welcome to my journey in Mordor.

I opened Pandora's box and infertility entered my life.

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10 comments on “Why do we write about our infertility in such an open forum?
  1. gtp77 says:

    I completely agree on the benefits of blogging about infertility. I too have definitely become a happier/more tolerable person to my real world friends since I’ve started blogging. And I’ve found that infertility is nothing to be ashamed of, because it can happen to anyone (something I used to grapple with a lot!). Here’s to more blogging!

  2. marwil says:

    I does help by writing it down, otherwise why would there be so many of us out there doing just that! But it is also a bit scary thinking that someone might stumble over your words when it is real private issues. I have thought about this too.

  3. LisaB says:

    This is so true! This is also why I blog. Although, here lately I have retreated a bit. While it is helpful, I have also been ridiculed. The true supporters will always be there to pick you up though. I’m glad you are here – contributing and supporting 🙂 xoxo

  4. Amen! Blogging has definitely been a huge help. And I learn LOTS from your blog!

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