Scribbles of a not-so-fertile


Part 1: Bermuda.

I opened Pandora's box and infertility entered my life.

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8 comments on “Scribbles of a not-so-fertile
  1. pink says:

    lol! I haven’t read your blog in ages since i stumbled across it when i first went to the Aviva class – all the infertility blogs were too depressing 😦 but this post really cracked me up.
    i’m trying to stop wallowing and feeling insanely jealous of everyone around me getting pregnant, but it’s so difficult… got a new niece in the family but i feel torn between love and jealousy. have you tried maca root? i’ve been reading up on that recently, and all the wonders of coconut water for fertility

    • Hey there 😀 I feel bi-polar in the blogosphere… one minute I’m all ‘WAHOOOO I’M OWNING THIS INFERTILITY S***, WATCH ME WHOOP ITS ASS’ and then I’m dressed in black mourning my ovaries and writing poetic pieces about my depression. :/

      It’s okay to get jealous and yet love insanely. It’s also okay to have your bad days. You need them sometimes. If you don’t cry or let out your frustration you end up emotionally constipated.

      I wish I had a magic potion for this. To make it all better but I think it’s about finding ways to soothe and calm yourself. I remember for a long time I just felt caught in a big storm.

      I haven’t tried maca root. To be honest, I feel like I’m taking too many herbal supplements. I focus on wheatgrass because one shot = 15 plates of salad. It’s SUPER alkalizing. So is coconut water but I can’t stand the taste of it.

  2. pink says:

    Reading your blog, I feel like i should be doing a lot more than just moping and praying for a miracle! I’m only now trying to eat healthier and looking into the various supplements properly, that’s when I came across the maca root – as it seemed to have glowing reviews. I’m starting wheatgrass and spirulina also, at least it’s supposed to give energy and stress relief even if it doesn’t sort my hormones out :s

    • Did you go to an aviva class and have you continued on with the exercises? I’m hoping the exercises will relieve stress and lift the dark infertility clouds when they do linger.

      I have learned that we shouldn’t deny ourselves of treats. Just cut out what you can or at least lower the doses. I started with sugar and caffeine. I’ll look into maca root too! 🙂

      Do you write a blog?

  3. pink says:

    yep i went to the aviva class and i did it a few times but not enough and now i’ve kind of forgotten some of the moves so hoping to do a refresher with sofia over skype. i hadn’t had my period in like 3 months when i went to the class, and thankfully i had it like a few days after going! i’m just really bad at committing to things properly.. i used to have a blog but post-marriage i’ve not kept one as it’s too risky with everyone i know on the blogosphere lol, also it’s kind of depressing since i tend to blog when i’m down and just ranting!

    • I’ll motivate you if you help motivate me. I’m doing it every other day – just learning 8 exercises for 2 weeks and then building it up by 2-3 exercises.

      I’m confused by exercise 8 – sitting on the floor but I’ve emailed Sofia for that.

      Let me know if I can help you 🙂

      Ranting is ok.. we all do a lot of it in this community! This is my email fertilitydoll AT – if you want to stay in touch away from my blog.

  4. pink says:

    ooh that’s a good idea – maybe i’ll make a new totally anonymous blog so i can share my thoughts, investigations & we can motivate each other with the exercises. Exercise 8 is the one where you kind of feel like you’re rolling around on the floor with one leg in the air lol! That’s one of the few i didn’t write any notes down for because i actually understood it, i’m terribly uncoordinated so never seem to be able to get in sync with the music!

    • Excellent! Lol! Now you can explain to me what I’m supposed to do. I was like ‘err where’s my leg supposed to go’ and then the music was over. I just had to make up Movement A.

      Yes, yes, yes.. go set up a blog. We don’t care if you’re emo.. I mean we do care but we don’t judge. Hell our hormones are all off balance, a bunch of us are on crazy drugs like clomid.. we all go emo too! It’s normal.

      I’ll be doing my exercises tomorrow night – when I get home. Probably 8pm-ish. So pick the first 3-4 and do yours too 😛

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